Loose Leaf Green Tea

Fresh, Natural, Premium Loose Leaf Green Tea at iTeaworld. We are carefully selected to provide you with the perfect tea-drinking experience. Enjoy the freshness of loose leaf green tea with iTeaworld!



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Green Tea Sampler
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Loose Leaf Green Tea Benefits.

Beauty and Skincare

Loose Leaf Green Tea's nutritional components, such as catechins and vitamin C, enhance cellular antioxidant capacity and eliminate free radicals, resulting in reduced wrinkles and skin whitening.

Mental Alertness

Loose Leaf Green Tea contains a substance called caffeine, which stimulates the central nervous system, keeping the brain alert and enhancing cortical activity, thus promoting mental alertness.


Loose Leaf Green Tea's tea polyphenols exhibit strong antioxidant properties. They're highly effective at neutralizing free radicals, preventing oxidative damage, and, in turn, slowing down the aging process. Regular green tea consumption can promote longevity.

Oral and Eye Health

Loose Leaf Green Tea contains fluoride and is alkaline, which helps inhibit the reduction of calcium in the body. This is beneficial for preventing tooth decay and promoting dental health.

Cholesterol Reduction

Tea aids in digestion and lowering fat levels. Additionally, Loose Leaf Green Tea is rich in catechins, which help reduce abdominal fat.