The Beginning of iTeaworld

Jingyi Tea, the predecessor brand of iTeaworld, was established. We started to manage business of various famous Chinese tea.


Wild Tea Garden Base

We contracted nearly 10,000 mu national forests and built our own wild tea garden base. In the same year, we established Jingyi Primary Tea Factory.


Old Tree Ecological Tea Garden

We collected, treated, and transplanted more than 3,000 tea trees (more than 100 years old) and made sustainable protection plans for those trees. Our Old Tree Ecological Tea Garden was formed.


Modern Refined Tea Factory

Our Modern Refined Tea Factory covering an area of 6000 square meters was established, integrating scientific research, development, and production.


Birth of iTeaworld

iTeaworld brand was officially established and trademarks in many regions (the United States, the European Union, countries in Southeast Asia, etc.) were registered. We officially entered the international market as a new brand. iTeaworld official website and brand stores on major consumer platforms worldwide are in operation.


About iTeaworld

Welcome to iTeaworld, we’ve been working to become a preferred platform for tea lovers over the world, where you can learn Chinese tea from scratch. Here you can systematically learn Chinese tea knowledge and culture. In iTeaworld, we hope you can first learn about Chinese tea, try it at a low cost, and finally get your favorite one.


We have cultivated in the field of tea service in China for 15 years and we are a tea enterprise integrating production and marketing. We own more than 4 million square meters of wild tea trees mountain base and more than 2000 old tea trees over 100 years old. In iTeaworld, you can not only find cost-effective high mountain tea with unique flavors but also find more nutritious wild old tree tea with abundant flavors. In addition, we provide a variety of tea collections and diverse tea samples to choose from. We promise to refund you if you are not satisfied with the goods within 15 days.

Sustainable Protection

Environmental protection and development


Besides providing tea services, we are practicing more things about sustainability and conservation. iTeaworld always advocates the green concept and works for environmental protection. We try our best to reduce energy consumption in every phase from production to sales. We insist on using eco-friendly packages that can be recycled.


At iTeaworld, we're committed to spreading China's most time-honored farming methods, revitalizing the diverse ecology of tea gardens, and enhancing environmental conditions, including soil improvement. Our century-old ancient tree tea gardens and wild tea bases prioritize the natural growth of tea trees, minimizing human intervention except when absolutely necessary. We prefer collaborating with tea gardens that have organic certifications. We aim to contribute to the ongoing restoration and development of the ecological environment.


We’ve been working to protect the variety of tea tree species and support the development of regional and group-growing tea gardens. We don’t know what will happen in the future. The environment might change largely in the long run. No matter how large the group of a single tea tree species is, it could only die out if the species cannot adapt to the new environment. In contrast, things would be different if there are a large variety of tea tree species. Under a sudden change in the environment, as long as one or two mutated tea tree species adapt to the environment, the tea tree species group could survive. Thus, keeping the tea tree species variety as large as possible is our goal.

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