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The Four Major Types of Green Tea

Stir Fixation Green Tea

Stir-fried green tea is named because the drying method adopts stir-frying. Many famous green teas in China are made by the process of stir-frying, which is divided into four categories: long stir-frying, round stir-frying, flat stir-frying and special stir-frying. Like the West Lake Longjing is also belongs to the frying process, belongs to the flat fried green, in addition, Biluochun, Anji white tea, Xinyang Maojian, Duyun Maojian, Mengding Ganluo, Wuyuan green tea is also the frying process.


The Four Major Types of Green Tea

Baking Green Tea

Baked Green Tea, is dried in a drying cage, the aroma is generally not as high as fried green tea, but can maximize the guarantee of tea color, fragrance and tea shape. Most of the teas from Zhejiang and Anhui are made with this process, such as Huangshan Maofeng, Taiping Houkui, and Bamboo Leaf Green from Sichuan also belongs to Baked Green Tea.At the same time, most of the roasted green tea is used for curing all kinds of flower tea, called tea blanks, like jasmine tea, honeysuckle tea and so on. A lot of flower tea is also used in this process.


The Four Major Types of Green Tea

Sunning Green Tea

Green tea manufacturing process, the final drying is sun-dried, called "sunning green tea". The basic process of its initial production is to kill the green, kneading, sun-drying. Sunning green tea because of its raw materials used coarse old, in addition to a small number of straight drinking, most of the sun-dried green mainly as sun-dried green mainly as the raw materials for the manufacture of Tuo-Tuo-Tea and Pu-erh Tea.
It includes Dianqing produced in Yunnan, Qianqing produced in Guizhou, Shaanxiqing produced in Shaanxi, Sichuanqing produced in Sichuan, Eqing produced in Hubei, and Guiqing produced in Guangxi.


The Four Major Types of Green Tea

Steaming Green Tea

Steaming green tea is along the ancient Chinese steam greening tea production method, the green tea with steam greening called "steaming green tea". Enshi in Hubei Province, Yixing in Jiangsu Province, and Yuhang and Yuyao in Zhejiang Province all have production, such as Yangxian tea, Pancha, etc.

Japan's steamed green tea was learned from China's Tang and Ming dynasties.


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