Black Tea

Black tea originated in China, where it is known as "Hong Cha". Black tea is a fully oxidized tea with a rich flavor profile. Different varieties and processes produce different loose leaf black teas. Some famous black teas are Keemun black tea, Yingde black tea, Yunnan black tea, Lapsang Souchong and so on. Buy Organic & Fresh Chinese Black Tea Now!



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Black Choice
Выбор черного чаяBlack tea sampler with tea cup
Выбор черного чая Цена по акции$19.99
yunnan-black-tea-iteaworld-loose-leaf-teaЮньнаньский черный чай
Юньнаньский черный чай Цена по акцииОт $1.99
souchong-black-tea-iteaworld-loose-leaf-teasouchong black tea with tea cup
Черный чай Сушонг Цена по акцииОт $1.99
wild-souchong-black-tea-iteaworld-loose-leaf-teaДикий черный чай Сушонг
Дикий черный чай Сушонг Цена по акцииОт $2.59
guangxi-black-tea-iteaworld-loose-leaf-teaguangxi black tea from iteaworld
yingde-black-tea-iteaworld-loose-leaf-teaYingde black tea stands in the bamboo forest
Черный чай Индэ Цена по акцииОт $1.99

Types of Black Tea

Souchong Black Tea

Souchong black tea is the oldest black tea, but also the originator of other black teas, all other black teas are evolved from small breed black tea.
Souchong Black Tea: lapsang souchong, Jinjunmei, Yinjunmei, and so on.

Gongfu Black Tea

The production of Gongfu black tea is time-consuming and complicated, so it is called "Gongfu". Gongfu black tea is a unique black tea in China. It is characterized by a mellow tea taste, thin and tight tea, and a bright orange color.
Gongfu Black Tea: Keemun black tea, Yunnan black tea, Yingde black tea, etc.

Broken Black Tea

Broken black tea does not refer to a specific variety, but a process in which the tea leaves are cut into granules or flakes and then sieved.
Broken Black Tea: Ceylon black broken tea, Yunnan Broken Black Tea.