loose leaf Jasmine Tea

Loose Leaf Jasmine Tea

Delicate jasmine flowers, sweet and warm, blend seamlessly with green or black tea to create the enchanting brew we know as jasmine tea. The epitome of premium Chinese jasmine tea is its flower-free appearance, allowing the focus on tea leaves and an intense jasmine fragrance. Savor a cup to embrace the essence of spring!



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Types of Jasmine Tea

Green Tea Jasmine Tea

Based on green tea, typically using varieties like Dragon Well or Bi Luo Chun. Fresh jasmine flowers are blended, creating a refreshing and aromatic jasmine green tea.

White Tea Jasmine Tea

Using white tea as the base, with Silver Needle white tea being a common choice. The delicate taste of white tea combines with the fragrance of jasmine, resulting in a unique jasmine white tea.

Oolong Tea Jasmine Tea

Oolong tea serves as the base, often showcasing the distinctive flavor of oolong along with the floral notes of jasmine.

Black Tea Jasmine Tea

Built on a foundation of black tea, the combination of jasmine and black tea creates a rich and fragrant jasmine black tea. This type typically boasts a robust black tea flavor with the added essence of jasmine flowers.

Floral Tea Jasmine Tea

Jasmine flowers may also be blended with other floral teas like rose or osmanthus, forming combinations known as multi-floral teas or floral-fruit blends.