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Wild tea thrives in untamed mountain forests, growing naturally in pure, untouched environments without the need for cultivation or pesticides. Compared to traditional tea, it boasts purer flavors and richer nutritional value, making it the ideal choice for those seeking organic loose leaf tea options.

Why Choose Wild Tea?



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Chinese Wild Black TeaChinese Wild Black Tea
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Chinese Wild Oolong TeaChinese Wild Oolong Tea
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Chinese Wild Dark TeaChinese Wild Dark Tea
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Chinese Wild White TeaChinese Wild White Tea
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Chinese Wild Green TeaChinese Wild Green Tea
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wild-souchong-black-tea-iteaworld-loose-leaf-teaДикий черный чай Сушонг
Дикий черный чай Сушонг Цена по акцииОт $2.59
wild tea

Why Wild Tea?

"At iTeaworld, we revere the wild for nature's unbridled artistry. Wild teas are the earth's most authentic offering - handpicked from untamed groves, untainted by human touch.
These precious leaves are nature's gift in purest form - no chemicals, just the mountains' unadulterated essence. Each sip unlocks the wild's robust complexity and vibrant nuances, direct from nature's hands."

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Wild Tea Tea Farmer

Fostering Bonds, Preserving Traditions

Our wild teas are ethically sourced from generational farmers across Guangxi, Hunan's remote mountains - custodians of ancient harvesting wisdom.
Working directly with them supports their traditional lifestyles through ethical practices. Together, we uphold this sacred wildcraft, delivering a heritage-rich cup connecting you to nature's untamed beauty.

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Wild Tea VS Other Teas

Wild tea and other loose leaf teas each have their own unique characteristics and advantages. Wild tea prefers a natural, original growth environment and a more complex taste, while ordinary tea is more stable and suitable for public tastes. Our newly launched wild tea series contains a variety of wild teas, aiming to provide a safer and healthier choice for those who love to drink organic loose leaf tea.

Tea Type:

Wild Tea

Other Tea

Growth Environment:

Wild tea usually grows in natural environments, such as mountains, forests or jungles, and is influenced by nature.

Other teas are usually grown in artificial tea gardens, in artificially managed and monitored environments.

Quality And Taste:

Wild tea may have a more unique, complex flavor and mouthfeel due to the pristine nature of its growing environment, and is often richer.

The taste of ordinary tea may be more balanced and stable, suitable for the taste of most consumers.


Rich, with high health value

Relatively less wild tea

Tea production:

Small amount, rare, usually collected once a year

Abundant, usually picked multiple times a year

Health and environmental protection:

Wild tea is grown in a natural environment without exposure to chemical fertilizers or pesticides, so it is considered more natural and healthy.

Ordinary tea is grown in artificial tea gardens and may be exposed to chemical fertilizers and pesticides. Although it meets safety standards, it may not be as natural and environmentally friendly as wild tea.


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