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The Rich Flavors of Yingde Black Tea: A Detailed Guide

The Rich Flavors of Yingde Black Tea: A Detailed Guide

What is Black Tea?

There are very many types of black tea, and in China, Yingde black tea is renowned as one of the top three types of black tea.

Follow the founder of iTeaworld to get to know this famous black tea!


1. What is your tea of choice today?

Today my choice is Yingde black tea
When French President Macron visited China, we served him Yingde black tea.
This is a very good tea to serve to a national leader.
All Chinese loose leaf black teas have their own fermentation process.
In terms of the fermentation process, Yingde black tea is very mature and delicate.

2. Why choose Yingde Black Tea?

Yingde black tea is different from other black teas because it comes from the Yunnan large-leaf variety, which is richer in natural components than the medium-leaf variety. The tea is sourced from the high mountains in Yingde City, Guangdong Province, where clouds and mist make black tea accumulate amino acid content and other flavor substances. As a result, it has a very mild flavor and is popular among tea lovers.

In addition, Yingde black tea is selected from nature reserves, which are ecologically sound, pure and natural, and pollution-free. China is very concerned about protecting the ecological environment and the flora and fauna from harm, so many high mountain areas and rare regions have been set aside as nature reserves. Within these reserves, no trees are allowed to be touched and no land is allowed to be developed. Although the original tea plantations can still be developed, no new areas are allowed to be developed, which makes the tea-producing areas ecologically sound and pollution-free.

3. What are the characteristics of Yingde Black Tea?

High-end Yingde black tea requires a special and distinctive golden hair grade, which is very demanding
If it is a traditional tea evaluation system, it usually refers to the grade only, the higher the grade, the more tender the tea leaves are.
Reflected in the black tea, the more hairs, the better the tea quality.
After entering the new tea drinking system, it may not only consider the level but also consider whether it is a high mountain or low mountain, big tree or small tree
Perhaps the flavor of a low-grade high-mountain tea is far better than a low-grade mountain tea with more buds
The most distinctive feature of the shape of Yingde black tea is that you can see the tea hairs, and the higher the grade of the tea, the higher the price of the tea.
Many foreign tea lovers will make milk tea when drinking tea, which requires a high enough concentration of tea
This requires a moderate grade of black tea with one bud and two leaves or one bud and three leaves.
iTeaworld Yingde black tea is a high mountain tea, and the grade is characterized by second-class tea. It is more suitable for tea lovers

If you want to give a tea to your friends, Yingde black tea is a good choice as a tea gift. It meets the taste of most people.

4. How to brew Yingde Black Tea?

1. Wash the cup:

This is more conducive to the stimulation of the tea

2. Tea to water ratio:

The ratio is about 1:20 to 1:25

3. Water temperature:

The water temperature for black tea is generally 85°-95°

Of course, there are many people in the industry who say that tea that is not afraid of high temperatures is good tea.

But the more appropriate temperature is still 85°-95°.

If the temperature is high, it is easy to bring out the bitter flavor of residual tea polyphenols

So a lower temperature will make the tea more palatable.

4. Time to Make Tea.

1) Keep the first three

Keep the first three infusions of tea at 10 seconds

2)After three brews of tea, add 5 seconds in turn

3)Can be kept for 20-30 seconds after 7-8 infusions of tea water


5. How to taste Yingde Black Tea?

1. Aroma

2. Flavor

Tasting tea not only depends on the aroma of tea but also on the flavor of the tea soup.

Flavor includes the type of aroma, checking whether the aroma is pure, whether it is more elegant, or mixed, or whether the aroma is more persistent or more transient.

If you are looking for a sweet tea, Yingde black tea is a good choice!

What is Tea Tasting?

Most people taste tea by putting the tea soup into their mouth and swallowing it immediately, which is actually called "drinking tea", not "tasting tea".

When we want to taste tea, we need to "sip it", which means putting the tea leaves into our mouth, inhaling, and making every part of our mouth in full contact with the tea.

At this time you will find that you can experience the bitterness and also the sweetness!

Yingde black tea is renowned for its mellow, sweet, and smooth taste. While drinking this tea, we can appreciate its aroma as a distant scent through the flavor of the tea.

When it comes to tea tasting in China, it's like having a peaceful conversation with the tea leaves. Interestingly, a person who sips their tea in complete silence can easily elevate an $80 cup of tea to an $800 cup of tea.

We recommend that you take a moment to savor the tea and feel the tea's charms with your heart.

We can also drink tea like a Coke, but this Chinese way of tasting tea brings more mental comfort.


6. What is the brewing resistance of Yingde Black Tea?

Yingde black tea is a large-leaf tea, which is more resistant to brewing. Moreover, our Yingde black tea is selected from the mature leaf side of one bud two leaves to one bud three leaves, so it is basically no problem to brew 7 to 10 times.

If you want to judge the steeping resistance of a tea, you can test the leachate.

The higher the leachate content, the better the steeping resistance is.

The lower the leachate content, the lower the steeping resistance.


7. How to preserve Yingde Black Tea?

Precautions for preserving black tea

1. Seal and preserve

(purple sand jar; tins; cardboard box)

2. Moisture and odor resistant

To ensure the freshness of black tea, it is best to store it in an airtight container and away from air, as exposure to air can cause oxidation. A self-sealing bag, which is edible, can be used for this purpose. Once sealed, the bag can be placed in a snowflake mason or tin can, or a cardboard box to protect it from moisture and humidity. It is important to keep the tea away from direct sunlight, so storing it in a cool place is highly recommended to prevent spoilage. In summary, proper black tea preservation involves protecting it from moisture, odors, and sunlight.


8. What is the shelf life of Yingde Black Tea?

Traditionally, we've seen it as an 18-month holding period
However, as the way of drinking tea in China has become more and more abundant, many people have discovered that black tea decades ago, if it is not damp and not affected by odors, it has a different taste, and that taste is sweeter, smoother after drinking, and warms the body.
Among the many tea lovers in China right now, they think they can keep it indefinitely
But in international standards or domestic food laws, it has been more than 18 months
As a tea drinker like me, I also drink the 30-year-old black tea, and I think it is particularly good. Compared with new tea, I prefer 30-year-old tea.
What I don't recommend are teas that have reached 5 or 10 years, have oxidized, but don't have the sweetness and smoothness of older teas
We recommend trying to drink the tea within 10 months or 6 months

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