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Indulge in our essential Anxi Tieguanyin Oolong teaa meditation companion with a captivating orchid aroma. As the vibrant green leaves unfurl, savor the refreshing floral notes and gentle sweetness in every sip. Perfect for serene moments and unhurried conversations, this Oolong is a must-have for enthusiasts seeking pure and delightful tea experiences.

Weight: 100g(3.5OZ)

Gande Town, Anxi, Fujian,China



Tea Garden Altitude:

About 600m


🌿No Flavorings

🌿0 Calorie

🌿No Gluten

🌿No Sugar


Tie Guanyin Oolong Tea

China's Most Well-known Oolong Tea With Clean and Refreshing Aroma


Slightly sweet


Orchid aroma


Orchid aroma finish with lingering sweetness


Produced from Anxi

Genuine and Authentic. A real Anxi Tie Guanyin Tea

Surrounded by mountains and veiled in mist, Anxi has an average annual temperature of 15-18℃, a frost-free period of 260-324 days, and an annual rainfall of 1700-1900mm. The relative humidity is above 78%. The soil is mostly acidic red soil with a pH value of 4.5-5.6. The soil is deep and rich in organic matter and mineral substances, which contributes to the unique flavor of the Tie Guanyin tea trees


Why Choose Us?

The founder of iTeaworld is a seasoned tea master with over 20 years of tea drinking experience. iTeaworld has been selling tea in China for more than 15 years and has its own tea gardens as well as trustworthy partners. Our tea collection is carefully curated through rigorous tasting by experienced tea specialists. iTeaworld prides itself on providing first-class customer service, including a 15-day full refund policy to ensure complete customer satisfaction. In addition, our commitment to environmental sustainability underscores our dedication to preserving the natural world.


The 300 Years Old Anxi Tie Guan Yin is A World Cultural Heritage

Anxi Tie Guan Yin, which originated around 1725, is one of China's top ten famous tea. On May 22, 2023, Anxi Tie Guan Yin was honored with the "Global Important Agricultural Cultural Heritage" certificate


Light Oxidation


Fresh And Strong


Orchid Aroma

Protecting Nature, One Sip at a Time: iTeaworld's Pledge

iTeaworld is committed to sustainable development, championing eco-friendly practices and utilizing recyclable packaging. We use FSC-certified paper and soybean oil ink for our packaging, along with biodegradable corn starch for our tea bags. Additionally, iTeaworld is dedicated to safeguarding century-old trees from pest infestations.


Sustainable Eco-Friendly Packaging

iTeaworld has always advocated for green and environmentally-friendly principles. We use paper certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) and soy-based inks for packaging.


Preserving Centennial Trees: Our Commitment

Centuries-old trees facing pest damage and survival challenges. iTeaworld collaborates with Guilin Agricultural Bureau to establish conservation sanctuaries, transplanting and caring for over 3000 ancient tea trees.

Know More

Brew It Correctly. Experience the Authentic Taste of Chinese Tea.


Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Mason Smith
Backyard Picnic Companion

Tieguanyin oolong tea is my go-to for backyard picnics. It's like the unsung hero of teas - always reliable and just what you need. The taste is down-to-earth, not trying too hard. A true companion for laid-back moments.

Am Spider
Iteaworld is winning me over

I really love the quality of loose leaf teas I've been getting from Iteaworld, and I DEFINITELY love the care that they put into their packaging and instructions! They talk about where their teas come from, what the difference between this tea and other teas are, and the whole tea-brewing process, from the first rinse of the leaves to how many times you can use the same leaves to brew a cup. (They even specify a white porcelain teacup for best results!). Clearly, the creators of this tea are passionate about tea, and the quality absolutely shows. Iteaworld is definitely top of my list of go-to tea brands now.

A Symphony of Oolong Elegance

This was a very nice tea, it has an aroma reminiscent of orchids and introduces a refined oolong experience. The flavor is a harmonious balance of floral intricacies and creamy undertones unfolds creating a sophisticated palate. The lingering aftertaste encapsulates the artistry behind this Tie Guan Yin making it a noteworthy tea that anyone that appreciates good tea would likely enjoy.

Mike B.
Premium tea with great customer service

The tieguanyin tea is packaged very well and it tastes very organic and good. I made it boiling milk and added some sugar - the taste is still good. If not satisfied, the customer mentions giving the refund so no harm in trying it out. I recommend this tea!

Erika Niko
Light and floral

Tie Guan Jin is my all time favourite oolong so I'm always happy to try new ones from different companies. 1st steep was light, refreshing and floral, lightly sweet. It's a lot like green tea and and that's why I love this oolong so much. 2nd steep - flower notes were mixing up with vegetal notes. 3rd steep was fully vegetal, reminding me of leafy greens. 4th to 7th steeps were very similar in flavour with slowly decreasing strength. Fresh, clean, leafy greens, spinach in particular.

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We Promise Provide 100% Natural Loose Leaf Tea Without Any Extra Additions. No Sugar, No Gluten.

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