Yunnan Chinese Black Tea

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Embark on a sensory journey with our Yunnan Black Tea, an exquisite creation from the elevated tea gardens of Yunnan. Savor its robust malty notes and sweet honeyed fragrance, evoking the essence of ripe fruits and toasted bread. Whether enjoyed leisurely in the morning or embraced as a comforting ritual, this tea guarantees a delightful experience, capturing the pure essence of Yunnan's high-mountain tea gardens.

Weight: 100g(3.5OZ)

Fengshan Town, Fengqing, Yunnan,China



Tea Garden Altitude:

About 1600m


🌿No Flavorings

🌿0 Calorie

🌿No Gluten

🌿No Sugar


Yunnan Black Tea

The Strongest Tasting Black Tea in China.


Rich flavor


Strong tea taste


Fresh aroma

From Core Producing Area of Yunnan Black Tea. Authenticity Guaranteed.


Tea Presented as a National Gift to the British Royal Family.

In 1986, Queen Elizabeth II was presented with Yunnan Black Tea as a national gift during her visit to China.

From Yunnan Large-leaf Tea Trees. Strong and Long-lasting Flavor. High Brew Tolerance.

The large-leaf variety tea trees have a longer growth cycle (2-3 years), with large and fairly tippy leaves. They have higher contents of water extract and other substances.


Large-leaf variety tea has higher brew tolerance.


Small-leaf variety tea is more aromatic.


Medium Oxidation


Strong And Rich


Honey Aroma


Since Ancient Times Misty High Mountains Produce Quality Tea.

This tea is grown in the high mountains. High mountains have lusher vegetation, their soils contain higher organic matter content, and the extreme day and night temperature difference promotes the accumulation of tea substances in leaves.

Brew It Correctly. Experience the Authentic Taste of Chinese Tea.


We Insist On Using Environmentally-friendly Packaging.

iTeaworld has always advocated for green and environmentally-friendly principles. We use paper certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) and soy-based inks for packaging.


Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Dora Brown
Tea Time Bliss

Tea time just got a whole lot better with Yunnan black tea. It's got this strong, bold character that I've been searching for. It's honestly the strongest black tea in my collection now, and I love how it adds a touch of bliss to my quiet moments.

Delicious black tea

As a huge fan of Assam teas, this Yunnan black tea is right up my alley. It is a bit sweeter in profile and a bit less astringent than Assam teas. You will still get the strong bold black tea flavor, but this makes a great milk tea due to its inherent sweetness and maltiness.

A woody wonder

The dry aroma is lovely. Sweetness of honey, and light plum with sweet woody notes. The leaf is a dusty dark chocolate color with hints of golden buds; beautifully twisted. A hint of chocolate lingers in the bag. The liquor color is so beautiful. A nice amber coloring. The taste is full of different woody notes. Desert wood, old house wood, some varnish (you'll experience this all in higher amounts as you steep it longer). The wet leaf aroma is a bit bready with hints of raisins.

Ava Thompson
Crisp and Flavorful

Loved the crispness and sweet notes in this Yunnan Black Tea. Reminded me of chocolate and sweet potato.

Michael Carter

Yunnan Black Tea is a winner! It's got deep flavors with a touch of rose and cocoa. Really satisfying.

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We Promise Provide 100% Natural Loose Leaf Tea Without Any Extra Additions. No Sugar,No Gluten.

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