Chinese Guangxi Old Tree Black Tea

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Embark on a journey with our Guangxi old Tree Black Tea, a masterpiece from century-old trees. Feel the embrace of each sip, as the smooth blend and subtle notes of wild honey transport you to the serene mountains where these ancient trees stand guard. It's not just tea; it's a timeless experience, a moment of tranquility in the company of nature's gift.

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Jiangdixiang, Longsheng, Guangxi,China



Tea Garden Altitude:

About 800m


Guangxi Old Tree Black Tea

Made from leaves of old tea trees over 100 years old.


More abundant aroma


Mellower and thicker taste


Long-lasting sweetness aftertaste


Lower astringent taste

From the Mountains of Guangxi, Guilin at an Altitude of 800m. High Mountains Produce Quality Tea.

These tea trees have grown for many years, with deep roots and lush leaves. They have absorbed rich nutrients and minerals


Plucked From Old Tea Trees Over 100 Years Old Located In The Deep Mountains. Sweet, Highly resteepable, Low Astringency.

Sexually reproduced century-old tea tree.
One tea tree in an area of 6-8 m².
Picked 1 flush a year.
No chemical fertilizers, pesticides, or growth-promoting agents were used.


Use Slow Fire for Roasting. Sweet Aroma with Light Smoky Scent.

High-quality tea prepared by slow roasting over low heat resulting in a less bitter tea.


High Oxidation


Mellow And Thick


Sweet Aroma


Enjoy Guangxi Old Tree Tea

When drinking Guangxi old tree black tea the aroma of the century-old tea tree fills up the air, evoking the feeling of being connected to nature.

Tea from Old Tea Trees over 100 Years Old. The Flavor Lasts after 10 Brews.


Brew It Correctly. Experience the Authentic Taste of Chinese Tea.


We Insist On Using Environmentally-friendly Packaging.

iTeaworld has always advocated for green and environmentally-friendly principles. We use paper certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) and soy-based inks for packaging.


Customer Reviews

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A Lazy Panda
An utterly sublime experience

I've had a lot of tea in my life and this blew me away. First, the leaves are very whole and long. They wouldn't fit in a cup-sized ball infuser. You need a teapot sized infuser or gaiwan or brew it in an appropriate sized vessel and strain, which is what I did. It'd be a shame to break the leaves up.

Doing it gaiwan style gives it the most infusions. But I tried it in a teapot infuser as well and the first 3 infusions were fantastic.

It's a black tea but the soil, the trees, the climate, and the process culminate in an incredibly smooth, balanced, and nuanced brew. If you have a discerning palate you will be pleased, and I'm convinced a novice tea drinker would notice the difference. I've had no black tea like this before. By the time it reaches the U.S. the leaves are more broken and I have no idea why there is such a chasm between this and what I've tried previously (don't get me wrong, they are good but not this good). I'm now curious about their other offerings.

N. Lew
A Premium Experience

This ITEAWORLD Guangxi Old Tree Black Tea is a tribute to authentic organic Chinese loose leaf teas. From the first steeping, the richness of its flavor coupled with a profound depth of taste becomes evident. Beyond its luxurious aroma and flavor, its quality clearly signifies its premium standing. Without any added sugar, this tea not only promises a delightful taste but also health benefits, embodying the best of both worlds. For those who have a discerning palate or even for those who simply wish to indulge in a fine cup of tea, this product stands out as an exceptional choice. With each cup, I find myself more enamored by its taste and richness. It's more than just tea; it's an experience in itself.

Ryan W.
Love this!

I don't have a lot experience in tea, but it smells and tastes very nice.


We Promise Provide 100% Natural Loose Leaf Tea Without Any Extra Additions. No Sugar, No Gluten.

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