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Indulge in the diverse world of our Oolong Tea Sampler – a delightful assortment of four distinct flavors. Start your day with the refreshing tea, reminiscent of sun-kissed orchards, creating a perfect morning ritual. Ideal for any occasion, this thoughtful gift invites you to share moments of warmth and flavor with friends and family, brewing memories that last a lifetime.

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Taste Four Genuine, 2023-Harvested Chinese Loose Leaf Oolong Teas.

Discover Your Favorite Among 4 Distinct Oolong Teas, All in One Tasting.

Savor 4 Oolong teas with diverse profiles, ranging from the pure fragrance of Tie Guan Yin to the rich peach essence of Fenghuang Dancong. These Oolongs encapsulate various styles of Chinese Oolong. If you want to experience the richness of oolong tea flavor, this is your top pick.

Fenghuang Dancong

Aromatic Oolong Tea harvested from Old Tea Trees Over 100 Years Old.
Aroma: Flowery And Honey Aroma.
Taste Note: Intense Peach Aroma, Delicate And Smooth Taste, And A Unique Combination Of Fruity And Roasted Flavors Make This Tea Stand Out.
Plucking Standard: One bud with two leaves, Spring, 2023.


Da Hong Pao

The Oldest Oolong Tea & Wuyi Rock Tea.
Aroma: Fruity Aroma.
Taste Note: Dense, Creamy Texture And Sweet, Minerally Mouthfeel
Plucking Standard: One bud with two leaves, Spring, 2023.


Zhangping Shui Xian

A Famous Tea With A History Of 1000 Years.
Aroma: Floral and fruity
Taste Note: Slightly firework aroma, obvious flower and fruit aroma; mellow and refreshing flavor, strong aftertaste.
Plucking Standard: One bud with two leaves, Spring, 2023.



China's Most Well-known Oolong Tea.
Aroma: Clean And Refreshing Aroma.
Taste Note: Mild, Smooth and Buttery In The Mouth. It Is Like Sipping A Cup Full Of Brilliant Spring Flowers.
Plucking Standard:  One bud with two leaves, Spring, 2023.

Explore The Diverse Regional Flavors With Oolong Teas Sourced From Four Unique Terroirs.

Take a journey through four distinct regions with teas like Guangdong's Fenghuang Dancong and the exclusive Zhangping Shuixian from Fujian. Explore the unique flavors of each region.Rest assured, each tea is a premium grade, freshly picked in the spring of 2023.


Why Choose Us?

1.The founder of iTeaworld is a tea lover with 20 years of experience who brings real expertise.
2.We have worked in the Chinese tea industry and tea gardens for over 15 years to ensure the quality of our teas.
3.We are innovative in offering extra tea bags for loose leaf teas, providing convenience.
4.We offer first class customer service including a 15 day refund policy.
5.We are committed to environmental sustainability and offer eco-friendly packaging


Why Choose This Oolong Tea Sampler?

Taste the Difference in Oolong Tea Oxidation.

Sample the nuanced tastes resulting from different oxidation degrees in our teas. Identify your oxidation level of choice.

Oolong tea color represents its oxidation level.

*The higher the oxidation level, the darker the color of the tea broth and the mellower the taste.


Why Choose This Oolong Tea Sampler?

Explore Teas From Different Growth Methods and Gardens.

Among the four types of tea exclusively selected this time, two come from high mountain tea gardens and the other two come from old tea tree gardens. Tea from high mountain tea gardens has high amino acids, tender leaves and rich nutrition. The tea from the old tea tree garden is more natural and contains rich nutrients. It is only picked once a year.


Why Choose This Oolong Tea Sampler?

Different Tastes and Flavors

Four different flavors of tea to bring out the different tastes, from the light Tieguanyin to the sweet Fenghuang Dancong. experience four different flavors of tea at once, so you can quickly find your favorite oolong tea!

Transparently Sharing Why We Chose These Oolong Teas.


Fenghuang Dancong

Why choose this tea

1. Fenghuang Dancong tea is famous for its unique aroma, known as the perfume of tea. The oolong tea with the most favorable comments
2. A representative of medium oxidized oolong tea with prominent floral aroma. Belongs to Milanxiang variety
3. From the most core production area of Phoenix Town, Chaozhou, tea from century-old tea trees



Why choose this tea

1.Tieguanyin is one of the top ten famous teas in China, a must-try tea among oolong teas
2 Representatives of lightly oxidized oolong tea, strong orchid aroma, with Guanyin Yun, unique flavors
3 This Tieguanyin from the core production area of Tieguanyin, using traditional processing technology, is the representative of the traditional authentic Tieguanyin


Zhangping Shui Xian

Why choose this tea

1. The only tightly pressed variety of oolong tea, special and highly collectible
2. The representative of medium oxidized oolong tea, with obvious flower and fruit aroma and special taste.
3. It is handmade by experienced masters and dried by traditional charcoal roasting, which is the masterpiece of traditional craftsmanship of Zhangping daffodil tea.


DaHong Pao

Why choose this tea

1. Dahongpao is one of the top ten famous teas in China, a must try oolong tea
2. A representative of heavily oxidized oolong teas, it is rich and full-bodied with a light mineral flavor and a sweet aftertaste

Loose Leaf or Tea Bag? All At Once.

We offer loose leaf tea with intact leaves. But we understand the convenience of tea bags, so we have innovated to offer additional tea bag solutions. We offer 20 biodegradable cornstarch tea bags. It's easy to just pour the tea leaves into the tea bags!


Loose Leaf


Tea Bag


Brewing Oolong Tea Correctly: Getting a Wonderful Taste


Savoring Tea Responsibly: A Commitment to Nature.

Tea, a gift from Mother Nature, deserves our gratitude and protection. At iTeaworld, we brew with sustainability in mind, we offer biodegradable tea bags and a commitment to preserve ancient tea trees.


Complimentary Biodegradable Tea Bags

Complimentary Biodegradable Tea Bags – 20 Free Packs for You!
We're delighted to offer you 20 free biodegradable tea bags made from corn fiber. They're easy to use, flip the top part of the tea bag to brew. These tea bags are crafted from corn starch, safe for you, biodegradable, and environmentally friendly.

Sustainable Eco-Friendly Packaging

iTeaworld has always advocated for green and environmentally-friendly principles. We use paper certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) and soy-based inks for packaging.


Biodegradable Packaging

The outer packaging of the green tea collection is biodegradable, the bag for tea leaves will break down at high temperatures.
The tea bags contain a layer of CPP film, which is designed to prevent the tea leaves from moisture and deterioration. It is environmentally friendly and safe to use. The production process does not contain solvents and is non-toxic.Tips for use: As shown in the picture on the right, after use, you can tear off the packaging cover along the edge for easy access to the tea leaves.


Preserving Centennial Trees: Our Commitment

Centuries-old trees face pest infestations and survival challenges. iTeaworld collaborates with the Guilin Agriculture Bureau to establish conservation sanctuaries, transplanting and caring for over 3000 ancient tea trees.

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