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Guide to Buying Longjing (Dragon Well): How to Judge Quality?

Guide to Buying Longjing (Dragon Well): How to Judge Quality?

Because Longjing tea(Dragon well) is highly renowned and the market offers a wide variety of Longjing teas(Dragon well)  with varying quality, we would like to share some methods to help you distinguish the quality of Longjing tea(Dragon well) , enabling you to make better choices when purchasing Longjing tea.


Examining the Dry Leaves


When buying Longjing tea(Dragon well) , the first technique is to inspect the appearance of the tea leaves. High-quality Longjing tea leaves should be flat, smooth, firm, pointed, and consistent in size, exhibiting a neat and uniform appearance. The color of the leaves should ideally be a yellowish-green hue, with a fresh and vivid appearance. Leaves that appear excessively green or overly yellow may look attractive but are of lower quality, particularly those with very young green dry leaves, which are often used as imitations of other tea varieties. Conversely, low-quality Longjing tea will have irregularly shaped leaves and a dull color.

You can also check the dryness of the leaves. Choose a leaf at random and, when placed between your thumb and index finger, give it a gentle pinch. If it easily turns into a powder, it is adequately dry. If it forms small crumbs, it is not dry enough, or the tea leaves have absorbed moisture. Tea leaves with inadequate dryness are harder to store and may lack a strong aroma. Besides green tea, you can also use this method to check the dryness of loose leaf tea of other types, such as black tea, oolong tea, and dark tea.

Examining the Tea Soup


High-quality Longjing tea(Dragon well)  should yield a tea soup with a tender, bright green color that remains clear, even if left overnight. There should be no sediment at the bottom of the cup. The better the quality of Longjing tea(Dragon well) , the clearer the tea soup, showcasing the beauty of green tea. Slightly lower-grade Longjing tea may exhibit a deeper yellowish color.


Inspecting the Brewed Tea Leaves


When assessing the quality of Longjing tea leaves, the appearance of the brewed tea leaves is a crucial criterion. Due to the high standards for picking tender buds in Longjing tea, it can be said to have one of the most beautiful brewed tea leaves among loose leaf tea.

High-quality Longjing tea(Dragon well) , when brewed, will display leaves that are uniform, neatly arranged, and finely tender, with a uniform and orderly appearance. The brewed tea leaves will exhibit a light beige color, with tender buds, and they will be even and uniform. In contrast, after brewing, lower-quality Longjing tea leaves will appear disorganized and lack aesthetic appeal, appearing dim, coarse, and lacking in elegance.


Assessing the Taste


When tasting Longjing tea(Dragon well) , the ideal flavor is characterized by its freshness, mellowness, and a subtle sweetness. High-quality Longjing tea should not have a pronounced bitter taste, but it should have a refreshing and sweet aftertaste, along with a sufficient aroma and a fresh, invigorating taste. Upon tasting, the aroma should be rich, and upon savoring, it should deliver a sense of freshness, leaving a pleasant aftertaste.


Evaluating the Aroma


Take some dry Longjing tea leaves and place them in the palm of your hand. Gently exhale onto the leaves, and you will immediately smell the unadulterated aroma of the tea leaves. High-quality Longjing tea exhibits a unique blend of floral, chestnut, and bean aromas that meld into a rich fragrance. It encapsulates a sense of "mellowness," with a lingering and intense aroma.

You can also assess the quality of Longjing tea by the aroma it exudes after brewing. Superior Longjing tea emits a fresh, delicate, and high aroma that is exceptionally enduring, creating a sense of relaxation and delight. In contrast, lower-quality tea leaves may emit a slight off-putting odor, often with a bitter or coarse undertone. Even if they have an aroma, it tends to dissipate quickly.


To find high-quality Longjing tea(Dragon well) , consider purchasing from tea brands with extensive experience in the field. iTeaworld has a 15-year history in the tea industry and offers a rich array of Chinese teas, including green tea. iTeaworld's green tea sampler includes a high-quality Longjing tea that is well worth trying.

In this article, we have shared information on how to discern the quality of Longjing tea(Dragon well) . When selecting and purchasing Longjing tea, you can apply these methods flexibly. We hope that you can acquire high-quality Longjing tea that suits your preferences.

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