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Yunnan Black Tea Guide: Everything You Wanted To Know

Yunnan Black Tea Guide: Everything You Wanted To Know

About Yunnan Black Tea

Yunnan black tea is one of the late but very famous black teas.
As the technology slowly matured, Yunnan black tea began to be well-known.
Yunnan black tea is a large-leaf variety. Large-leaf varieties have high polyphenol content and relatively low ester content, so Yunnan black tea will have a strong flavor.
In the 1980s and 1990s, Yunnan black tea was the State Council's foreign guest tea or national gift tea.

iTeaworld's  Yunnan Black Tea


The origin of the Yunnan black tea we drink today is in the core production area of Fengqing.
This place is called Dawangtian, and the tea factory is also called Dawangtian Tea Factory, which was formerly known as the old Fengqing Tea Factory
The reason why we choose this Yunnan black tea for our customers is mainly because of its cost-effectiveness.
After many comparisons, we finally chose this Yunnan black tea.
This Yunnan black tea has two major advantages, one is the strong aroma and the other is the mellow flavor.
The ecological environment and altitude of the tea plantation are very good, and the grade is one bud and two leaves.
iTeaworld black tea is priced at only US$9.90/100g, which is perfect for milk tea!

This is a memorable loose leaf black tea that will suit most people's tastes

How to brew Yunnan Black Tea?


1. Thick Gaiwan

2. Infuse water to a fixed point of the cup from a lower height

Tea Set Options:

Thicker white porcelain bowl

Brewing Method:

For teas that are known for their flavor, we recommend using the "low point brewing" method when filling with water.
This method means "filling the tea cup with water from a lower height to a fixed point".
This brewing method brings out the best flavor of Yunnan black tea.

This method is also suitable for strong-flavored black teas such as Yingde Black Tea and Wild Souchong Black Tea.

Tea Pitching Amount:

The amount of tea thrown is similar to other black teas.
In the case of a gaiwan, for example, we will use the classic method, which is 1/3 of the volume of the gaiwan.
If using other vessels, we remember that the ratio of tea to water should be between 1:20 and 1:35.
Because Yunnan black tea is slightly more concentrated, it can be adjusted to a lower amount than the tea water, 1:20 or 1:15 is sufficient
If the amount of tea is too much, i.e. the ratio of tea to water is too high, the concentration will tend to be offensive and the bitterness and astringency will be more pronounced.


Characteristics of Yunnan Black Tea


The greatest characteristic of Yunnan black tea is its unique honey flavor.
Because of the high altitude raw materials used, it has a sweet and mellow flavor with a sweet aftertaste.
Secondly, the number of times Yunnan black tea is brewed should be the most except for wild tea and ancient tree tea.
Therefore, Yunnan black tea has a strong tea flavor and is most suitable for brewing milk tea.

How Does it compare to foreign black teas?


If you compare Yunnan black tea with them, the difference is not that big
What is the only difference between us and them?
It is the way Chinese people drink tea is different from the way other countries drink tea.
Chinese people drink tea by tasting, to savor the difference between this tea and that tea.
In addition to the basic flavors we have already talked about, we need to talk about the flavor of the tea and what cultural attributes this tea has.
Broken black tea is particularly popular in Europe and the United States, why is broken black tea particularly popular? Because the substances inside the broken black tea are easily precipitated when it is chopped, and the more they are precipitated, the stronger the flavor of the tea.
If you compare it with black tea from Assam, Darjeeling, and other European and American countries.
From the excellence of raw material origins to the research and development of processing technology, to the accumulation of innovation, I think China's tea still has a great advantage!
China needs to slowly make the aesthetic logic of tea clear and share with everyone why we drink tea the way we do!
I believe that our tea culture will be understood by more people, and I believe that we can let the people of the world recognize China's unique tea culture!

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