Sustainability A Prior Core Of iTeaworld tea

Responsible sourcing - Preserving nature.

Sustainability: A Prior Core Of iTeaworld

While maintaining exceptional taste and quality, we've consistently sought ways to drive change and offer sustainable solutions.

Liu-Yongqiang: iTeaworld Founder

The Beginning Of All Things Sustainable

As a tea drinker, I have always been deeply passionate about the art of the tea ceremony and traditional Chinese culture. These values, particularly the ancient Chinese philosophy of "the unity of heaven and mankind(天人合一)," have resonated with me on a profound level. They have not only shaped my perspective but have also become guiding principles in both my words and actions.

Choosing to devote my life to tea, I found inspiration in contemplating how I could contribute more to nature. My journey as a tea merchant took me to numerous remote corners of China for high-quality tea. Along this path, I encountered scenes of neglect and areas in dire need of protection. These experiences fueled a growing realization and a sense of responsibility.

I began to envision a mission for myself – a commitment to safeguarding wild and ancient tea trees, preserving traditional handcfated tea-making techniques, and supporting tea farmers in these remote areas. Witnessing the environmental challenges firsthand, I became determined to take steps toward a more sustainable and eco-friendly approach.

-----------Mr. Liu, Founder of iTeaworld

iTeaworld Protecting Wild Tea Trees

Protecting Wild Tea Trees

Since 2015, iTeaworld has taken it upon itself to protect wild tea in Guilin, Guangxi. We have a 4 million square meter ecological reserve where tea trees grow naturally in the forest, undisturbed by human activity. We harvest only once a year from this vast tea plantation, producing only 300 kilograms, reflecting our considered choice and emphasizing our strong commitment to preserving the true essence of wild tea.

iTeaworld Protecting Centuries Old Trees

Protecting Centuries Old Trees

At iTeaworld, we witnessed the unfortunate decline of century-old tea trees due to the widespread cultivation of cedar and the impact of pests. Faced with this reality, our founder took action. Collaborating with the Guangxi Tea Research Institute, we established a sanctuary for ancient tea trees in Longsheng County, Guangxi.

Currently, we have successfully safeguarded over 2,000 century-old tea trees. Our approach is rooted in natural conservation methods, steering clear of pesticides and fertilizers to ensure their pure, unadulterated growth. We harvest only once a year, allowing these venerable trees to thrive in their natural state.

Preserving the Heritage of Traditional Tea Crafting.

Tea boasts a rich history in China, dating back three millennia with explicit documentation found in the "Huayang Guo Zhi《华阳国志》" Modern tea-making techniques have evolved from traditional craftsmanship. We are dedicated to preserving the diversity of these traditional tea-making methods, collaborating with seasoned tea masters, employing traditional practices such as hand-picking, sun-drying, and using wood charcoal for roasting. This not only ensures the preservation of the authentic taste of tea but also safeguards and passes down age-old craftsmanship.

pick up tea

Hand-Pick Tea

shai qing tea

Wither Tea

making tea

Roast-Dry Tea

iTeaworld Supporting tea farmers

Supporting Tea Farmers in Remote Tea Regions.

We source fresh tea leaves and early-stage processed tea directly from farmers in remote tea regions. This ensures our tea comes from the pure air of mountainous areas, and we aim to positively impact the livelihoods of farmers in these remote regions.

Bringing sustainability to our tea production.

iTeworld sustainability package

Packaging Design

We prioritize environmental consciousness in our packaging choices. By opting for FSC-compliant paper and plastic-free cotton materials, along with eco-friendly soy-based printing, we aim to contribute to a sustainable future. Even when using a protective plastic film for moisture-sensitive tea leaves, our commitment is to incorporate as many biodegradable and environmentally friendly materials as possible in our packaging design.

iTeworld Biodegradable Corn Tea Bags

Biodegradable Corn Tea Bags

We are one of the few companies offering biodegradable tea bags for loose-leaf tea. Understanding the convenience many seek with tea bags, we provide an extra option to meet this demand. Adhering to our commitment to environmental responsibility, our choice for these tea bags is made from biodegradable corn starch.


What we're currently working on...

Applying for EU Organic Standard Certification

Applying for EU Organic Standard Certification

We are currently in the process of applying for EU organic standard certification to ensure the quality and authenticity of our products.

Sustainable Single-Tea Packaging

Sustainable Single-Tea Packaging

In our future packaging endeavors, we are committed to using recyclable iron tins paired with low-cost eco-friendly replacement bags. This initiative aims to minimize packaging waste and promote sustainability.

Expanding Handcrafted Tea Collection

Expanding Handcrafted Tea Collection

We plan to collaborate with more tea farmers to introduce handcrafted teas, supporting the livelihoods of artisanal tea makers and preserving traditional tea-making techniques.

Promoting Traditional Tea Plantation Methods

Promoting Traditional Tea Plantation Methods

We are actively working to promote traditional tea tree cultivation methods among tea farmers. Our goal is to encourage more tea gardens to adopt traditional farming practices, reducing the reliance on pesticides and fertilizers.