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Why is Fenghuang Dancong called the "Perfume of Tea"?

fenghuang dancong is perfume of tea

Many friends, when tasting Fenghuang Dancong, often wonder why this tea is so fragrant and where the aroma comes from. Below, let's explore this question.


About Fenghuang Dancong

Fenghuang Dancong, belonging to the category of loose leaf oolong tea, is an excellent single plant selected from the national-level Phoenix Narcissus group. Its finished tea has excellent quality, with a floral and fruity aroma that is refreshing and unique.

 fenghuang dancong tea

Fenghuang Dancong is mainly produced in Fenghuang Mountain in Chaozhou City, Guangdong Province, China. This area is close to the East China Sea, with a warm and humid climate, abundant rainfall, and tea trees growing at an altitude of over 1000 meters in mountainous areas. The region is enveloped in mist throughout the year, with humid air, significant temperature differences between day and night, an average annual temperature of around 20°C, an annual precipitation of around 1800 millimeters, and fertile, deep soil containing rich organic matter and various trace elements. This conducive environment promotes the development of tea trees and the formation of tea polyphenols and aromatic substances. It is this kind of growth environment that makes Fenghuang Dancong one of the best loose leaf tea.


The tea farmers in Fenghuang Mountain have rich experience in selection and cultivation. There are still more than 3000 large single tea trees with a lifespan of over a hundred years, characterized by unique features and excellent quality. Each tree produces more than 10 kilograms of dried tea annually. Fenghuang Mountain tea farmers select excellent single plant tea trees from the Phoenix Narcissus group, and through cultivation, picking, and processing, produce Fenghuang Dancong.


Fenghuang Dancong tea has dozens of varieties and types. Its appearance is characterized by thick and straight strips, uniform and straight, with a yellow-brown color, oily and shiny, and red cinnabar dots. When brewed, it has a lasting and unique natural orchid fragrance, a rich and refreshing taste, and a moist throat with a lingering sweetness. To fully explore the various aromas and flavors of Fenghuang Dancong, it is best to try it through tea samplers.

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Why is Fenghuang Dancong so Fragrant?

Fenghuang Dancong stands out among numerous loose leaf tea with its uplifting aroma and rich, vibrant, and sweet taste, earning it the reputation of being the "Perfume of Tea." In reality, Fenghuang Dancong tea does not rely on intentional planting of fruit trees and fragrant flowers around the tea bushes, nor does it involve co-fermenting flowers and tea leaves. Additionally, no artificial fragrances or additives are used. The fragrance of Fenghuang Dancong comes naturally from the combination of favorable natural conditions, suitable cultivation practices, and the inherent qualities of the tea, making it one of the excellent choices as loose leaf tea gifts for family and friends.


The sources of the fragrance in Fenghuang Dancong can be roughly summarized into three categories: varietal fragrance, processing fragrance, and regional fragrance.

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1.Varietal Fragrance

mi lan dan cong oolong

The variety of the Fenghuang Dancong tea tree is selected from the excellent single plants of the Phoenix Narcissus series. With exceptional characteristics, the variety inherently carries floral fragrance. The aromatic components are determined by the genes of the single trunk tea. Fenghuang Dancong itself is rich in natural floral factors, containing abundant aromatic substances. While there is not much difference in the fresh leaves of various Fenghuang Dancong tea trees, the aromatic substances of the tea leaves significantly increase after processing.

2.Processing Fragrance

made fenghuang dancong

As mentioned in the previous article "Do You Know the Aromas of Fenghuang Dancong?" there are meticulous considerations during the picking process of single trunk tea, observing three conditions for not picking: no picking on rainy days, no picking during intense noon sunlight, and no picking of dew-covered tea. Generally, picking is done in the clear afternoon weather when the tea leaves naturally carry the most fragrance. The aroma of single trunk tea leaves is closely related to the weather. From picking to sun drying, withering, shaping, killing green, rolling, twisting, and baking in the complex processing, the aromatic substances in single trunk tea form a high-quality fragrance.

3.Regional Fragrance

chaozhou fenghuang shan

Famous teas are produced in high mountains with mist, and Fenghuang Dancong comes from Fenghuang Mountain in Chaozhou, Guangdong. The main peak reaches an elevation of 1497.8 meters, making it the highest peak in eastern Guangdong. It is said that the Tianchi on Fenghuang Mountain is an ancient volcano crater with soil rich in trace elements. The water in Tianchi is as clear as a mirror, and it is home to precious wild animals such as dollfish. In spring, the mountains are covered with beautiful azalea flowers, making it a breathtaking sight. During summer, it becomes a cool retreat. In autumn, one can enjoy sunrise, sunset, and the mesmerizing sea of clouds, which is another highlight of Fenghuang Mountain.


How to Brew Fenghuang Dancong?

To fully appreciate the fragrance of Fenghuang Dancong, it is essential to follow the correct brewing method to ensure the best outcome.

brew fenghuang dancong

1.Preheat the Teaware

After the water has boiled, use the boiling water to preheat the teapot lid, tasting cup, or any other teaware directly. Preheating is done to avoid the teaware absorbing the heat, which could compromise the aroma of the tea.

2.Adding Tea Leaves and Rinsing

Place approximately 8g of Fenghuang Dancong into the teapot. The tea leaves should fill about 6-7% of the teapot. After adding the tea leaves, avoid shaking them; simply cover them slightly. The rinsing process should be swift, described as "no time to lose."

3.Brewing and Pouring

After rinsing the tea leaves, pour boiling water into the teapot again for brewing. The water level should cover the tea leaves but not exceed too much. Pouring should also be quick. The first brewing should not exceed 3 seconds, the second brewing should not exceed 5 seconds, and by the sixth brewing, it should not exceed 30 seconds. This brewing method results in tea with no bitterness or astringency, offering the most enjoyable drinking experience.


Fenghuang Dancong has undergone a long period of sedimentation and accumulation, embodying the wisdom of generations of tea enthusiasts. It is a remarkable category of tea. I hope this article helps you better understand this famous oolong tea and enhances your appreciation for its fragrance and delicious taste.

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