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TieGuanyin Delicious Recipes Recommendation

TieGuanyin Delicious Recipes Recommendation
In the realm of gastronomy, using tea in cooking has become quite commonplace. Whether it's frying, steaming, deep-frying, or boiling, various cooking methods can incorporate tea leaves, and they are deeply favored by a wide range of consumers. The reason lies in its delightful taste and the dual effects of preventing diseases and enhancing appetite.

Many of you may have heard of Tieguanyin as a famous loose leaf oolong tea. To try the authentic flavor of Tieguanyin, you can purchase some trusted brands such as iTeaworld.

TieGuanyin Beverage Recipes

tieguanyin mike tea

1. TieGuanyin Caramel Milk Tea

Ingredients: Water, fresh milk, TieGuanyin tea leaves, rock sugar.

First, boil water and add TieGuanyin tea leaves. Boil the tea in simmering water for about 5 minutes. After boiling, strain the tea into a container. Simmer rock sugar over low heat until it melts and turns amber in color. Pour the tea into the caramelized sugar; it may solidify, but it will dissolve when reheated. Add a small amount of fresh milk (about a quarter of the tea volume), and you have a rich TieGuanyin caramel milk tea.

This recipe can also be made with Da hong pao

2. TieGuanyin Osmanthus Milk Tea

Ingredients: TieGuanyin tea leaves, osmanthus, water, fresh milk, light cream, condensed milk, white sugar.

Infuse 30-50g of TieGuanyin tea leaves and 10g of osmanthus in 1000ml of water. Simmer over low heat for 5 minutes, then cover and steep for 10 minutes. Filter out the tea, add 20g (4 bags) of white sugar while the tea is still hot, and stir to dissolve. Let it cool in the refrigerator. In a lidded container, combine 10g of condensed milk, 50ml of light cream, 100ml of fresh milk, and 300ml of tea. Add about ten ice cubes. Shake well until it froths, pour into a glass, sprinkle osmanthus on top, and you have TieGuanyin osmanthus milk tea.

tieguanyin lemon tea

3. TieGuanyin Lemon Tea

Ingredients: TieGuanyin tea leaves, lemon, honey, water.
Rinse the teaware with boiling water to warm it, add the appropriate amount of tea leaves, and pour boiling water to steep for one minute. Discard the first tea infusion (also known as washing the tea). Pour in about 80% of boiling water, cover, and steep to release the aroma. When the tea cools slightly, cut and clean half a lemon, squeeze it into the tea, and cut the remaining lemon into pieces. Place the lemon pieces in a tea cup, add honey, and when the tea cools to around 50 degrees Celsius, pour it into the cup. A cup of TieGuanyin lemon tea is ready, carrying a delicate fragrance and pure sweetness, with a refreshing taste unique to tea.

TieGuanyin Dessert Recipes

1. TieGuanyin Milk Pudding

Ingredients: Milk, light cream, white sugar, gelatin sheets, sodium alginate, TieGuanyin, water, calcium lactate.

Soak 5g of gelatin sheets in ice water. Mix 150g of milk, 100g of light cream, and 30g of fine sugar in a pot, heat until the sugar dissolves and small bubbles appear, then turn off the heat. While it's hot, add the soaked gelatin sheets and stir until melted. Strain the liquid into tea cups, let it cool, and refrigerate for at least 4 hours, preferably overnight.

Brew 5g of TieGuanyin in boiling water, filter out the tea leaves, and use only the tea. Mix the tea with 3g of sodium alginate, stir evenly, and let it sit overnight to eliminate bubbles. Pour calcium lactate into clean water, stir well, then use a dropper to drop the tea into the solution. Once it turns into pearls, remove them, preventing the film from becoming too thick. Take out the chilled milk pudding, top it with TieGuanyin pearls, and you have a refreshing TieGuanyin milk pudding.

2. TieGuanyin Pomelo Cake

Ingredients: TieGuanyin tea leaves, pomelo, pineapple, water chestnut flour, white sugar, water.

Add TieGuanyin tea leaves to 1000g of water, boil, and remove the tea leaves. Add 500g of water chestnut flour to the TieGuanyin water and mix well. Peel and remove the pith from the pomelo, and cut the flesh into pieces.

In a separate pot, dissolve 1000g of white sugar in 1500g of hot water. Heat until the sugar completely dissolves. Mix the TieGuanyin water and water chestnut flour paste with the pomelo pieces into the sugar water. Stir well and steam for 1 hour. The resulting TieGuanyin pomelo cake has a fragrant tea aroma with a hint of sweet and sour from the pomelo.

This recipe can also be made with Fenghuang Dancong

TieGuanyin Cooking Recipe

TieGuanyin Cooking Recipe

1. TieGuanyin Tea-infused Shrimp

Ingredients: TieGuanyin, water, fresh shrimp, minced garlic, salt, green onions.

Soak TieGuanyin in hot water and set aside after cooling. Clean the shrimp by removing the heads, veins, and shells, and make a cut along the back. Filter the tea broth and soak the prepared shrimp in it. Drain the tea leaves.

Remove the soaked shrimp, drain excess water, heat the oil to 60% hot, fry the tea leaves until crispy, and remove them. Keep the oil temperature at 60% and fry the shrimp for 1-2 minutes. In a hot pan, add garlic, then add the shrimp, stir-fry, add the fried tea leaves, salt to taste, and finally, sprinkle with green onions. Plate and serve.

2. TieGuanyin Braised Duck

Ingredients: One duck, TieGuanyin, a moderate amount of Chinese medicinal herbs, black dates, brown sugar.

TieGuanyin has a strong and lasting aroma, a golden soup color, and a sweet and refreshing taste, possessing certain nutritional value and medicinal properties. It is excellent for braising duck. There are two ways to prepare this dish.

The first method involves opening the duck belly, cleaning it, and placing TieGuanyin tea leaves inside along with some Chinese medicinal herbs for added flavor.

The second method is to brew a large pot of TieGuanyin tea with hot water, repeatedly infusing until there is enough tea. Cut the duck into pieces, add the brewed tea, along with a suitable amount of black dates and brown sugar. Cook over heat. After it's done, sprinkle some tea dust on top to enhance the aroma. This dish is rich in nutrients and is suitable for children during their growth.

Tie guanyin loose leaf tea
Tieguanyin is not only a tea that makes a great cup of tea, but it also makes a very tasty dish. Not only Tieguanyin, but many other oolong teas can be paired with food to bump up strange flavors. If you want to try a variety of loose leaf oolong teas, we suggest you start by trying the Tea Sampler.

There are a lot of brands out there that offer oolong tea samplers, but they are rarely quality loose leaf oolong tea samplers. You can try
iTeaword has launched the New Oolong Tea Sampler, which contains classic oolong teas such as Phoenix Monoceros and Dahongpao in addition to Iron Goddess of Mercy, taking you on a journey through the flavors of the best loose leaf teas. Tieguanyin is not only good to drink, but it is also very flavorful to use in a variety of recipes and is well worth a try.

Tea in the dish, the cost of its ingredients is low, and simple and convenient. As you can see from these recipes, there are a variety of ways to cook with Tieguanyin, some of which are easy to follow. This way it is no longer difficult to make a delicious tea dish.

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