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What Kind of Tea Is Suitable for Drinking in Spring?

As spring arrives, the weather gradually warms up and everything starts to come to life. What kind of tea is more suitable for this gradually brightening season?

In general, there are two features of Chinese loose leaf tea that are suitable for drinking in spring: aroma, or freshness

Why Are These Types of Tea Suitable for Spring?

  • Awakening the Body

Spring is a season of awakening. Before this, we have experienced a long winter: the weather is cold, and much like other creatures in nature, our bodies have been in a state of dormancy. As spring arrives, following the rhythm of growth in nature, our bodies also gradually awaken.

Aroma has the ability to delicately awaken our brains and bodies. Therefore, the preferred Chinese teas for spring are flower teas with charming aroma, and oolong teas with high aroma. Let's select some aromatic tea gift sets!

At the same time, drinking Chinese tea with fresh characteristics, such as green tea, can also help our bodies transition from the winter mode and adapt internally to the rhythm of spring.

  • Beneficial for the Liver

From the perspective of traditional Chinese medicine, spring is an important season for the liver.

The liver is closely related to our emotions. Flower teas and oolong teas, which have aromatic characteristics, can help us soothe our emotions and better nurture the liver.

Loose leaf green tea is helpful for nourishing the liver and eyes (which are closely related to the liver), making it also suitable for consumption during spring.

Flower Tea - A Splash of Spring

Spring is the season of blooming flowers, and a cup of Chinese flower tea can help us better connect with spring, both physically and mentally.

When you think of flower tea, perhaps the image of flowers floating in the cup comes to mind. In reality, the characteristic of high-quality Chinese flower tea is to smell the flowers but not see them.

chinese flower tea

This is determined by the exquisite production process of Chinese flower tea. The core of it is the scenting process: using green tea, black tea, and other dried teas to absorb the aroma of fresh flowers, and then sieving out the flowers once their aroma has dissipated.

  • Aroma of Flower Tea:

Depending on the fresh flowers used in production process, Chinese flower teas offer a variety of aromas such as jasmine, rose, and osmanthus.

High-quality production methods often preserve the aroma of the fresh flowers, making you feel as if you are in a moment of flowers blooming.

  • Taste of Flower Tea:

The taste of flower tea is determined by the dry tea used in its production.

For example, jasmine green tea tastes like green tea, while jasmine black tea and rose black tea taste like black tea. Also, flower tea carries a hint of floral aroma and sweetness on top of the taste of its corresponding green or black tea base.

Flower tea is also delicious when cold brewed. You can explore this pleasure through a cold brew tea sampler.

  • Flower Tea Recommendations:

Jasmine Green Tea, Rose Black Tea, Osmanthus Black Tea

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chinese jasmine tea

Oolong Tea - More Choices for Tea Aroma Lovers

If you find the aroma of flower tea too intense and are looking for other aromatic options, then loose leaf oolong tea is perfect for you.

Unlike the aroma source of flower tea, the aroma of oolong tea mainly comes from its unique production process. Here, we briefly summarize this production process as the alternating shaking and resting of fresh leaves. In reality, the actual production process is much more complex.

Through this unique production process, various substances within the fresh tea leaves undergo rich changes, resulting in a plethora of aromatic compounds.

The aroma of oolong tea is not as direct as that of flower tea, but rather more subtle and uplifting, perfect for savoring.

  • Aroma of Oolong Tea:

According to incomplete statistics, there are over a hundred different aromas associated with oolong tea. For the diverse aroma profiles, a tea sampler is the most convenient form of exploration

Common aroma profiles of oolong tea include flowery, fruity, honey, charcoal, and fresh aromas, among others.

  • Taste of Oolong Tea:

In general, the taste of oolong tea falls between that of green tea and black tea.

Some oolong teas lean closer to green tea, with a lighter color and a more delicate flavor. Others lean towards black tea, with a deeper color and a richer taste. You can choose according to your preferences.

  • Oolong Tea Recommendations:

TieGuanyin, Da Hong Pao, Fenghuang Dancong

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chinese oolong tea

Green Tea - A Fresh Taste for Spring

Among other categories of tea in China, green tea is the most renowned for its freshness. Drinking green tea is a process of experiencing freshness from the inside out.

It's best to drink green tea from a glass cup, allowing you to see the green leaves dancing in the cup, and visually experience the fresh, vibrant green color.

  • Aroma of Green Tea:

Although the aroma of green tea may not be as prominent as that of flower tea or oolong tea, it also boasts a rich variety of aroma profiles.

Common aromas of green tea include fresh, bean scent, chestnut, flowery and fruity, and honey aromas, among others.

  • Taste of Green Tea:

Overall, the taste of green tea tends to be refreshing.

Building upon this overall taste profile, the taste of green tea can also be further categorized into various types such as fresh, mellow, and sweet, among others.

  • Green Tea Recommendations:

Longjing (Dragon Well), Biluochun (Green Snail Spring), Huangshan Maofeng

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chinese green tea

In simple terms, the key points for drinking tea in spring are: aroma and freshness. Having read this, is there any type of tea that makes you excited to try? You can start by a loose leaf tea sampler.

Chinese tea comes in a wide variety, with subtle changes in taste and aroma. It's through trying many types that you can truly appreciate the richness of the world of tea. Hopefully, delicious tea will allow you to experience more of the beauty of spring.

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