Loose Leaf Tea: Tea Sampler

New to the world of tea? iTeaworld offers an array of loose leaf tea samplers, designed to swiftly introduce you to various Chinese tea without a hefty investment. Navigate the diverse world of tea and pinpoint your favorite with ease.



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How to Judge High Quality Loose Leaf Tea?

Intact Tea Leaves

Quality loose leaf tea usually consists of intact, unbroken tea leaves. This is one of the key points in determining quality

Taste and Flavor

Loose Leaf Tea should have a balanced, full-bodied taste with a distinctive flavor. Different types of tea will exhibit different flavor characteristics, such as sweet, bitter, mellow, and astringent.

Appearance and Color

The appearance of the loose leaf tea should match the standards of its category. Each type of tea has its own different appearance and standards.
For example, some black teas are graded according to the number of "golden hairs".


The craftsmanship of the tea is crucial to its quality. High-quality loose leaf teas usually require an elaborate production process that includes harvesting, withering, kneading, fermentation (required for some tea varieties), and roasting.

Origin and Season

The origin of the tea and the picking season also affect the quality. Some tea regions are known for their special climate and soil conditions, which may produce more distinctive teas.