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Indulge in the exquisite experience of our Oolong Tea Sampler, featuring four distinct varieties. Picture yourself in a cozy nook, basking in the golden glow of a sunset, while the nuanced aromas of Oolong waft through the air. This sampler is more than tea; it's a sensory journey, a thoughtful gift for tea lover, and an inviting initiation for newcomers to the world of Oolong.

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One Box for Tasting 4 Classic Oolong Tea

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4 Popular Chinese Oolong Teas


Fenghuang Dancong

The Most Aromatic Oolong Tea.
Aroma: Flowery And Honey Aroma
Taste Note: Most Praised Tea: Delicate And Smooth Taste, And A Unique Combination Of Fruity And Roasted Flavors Make This Tea Stand Out.
Plucking Standard: One Bud With Two Leaves, Autumn,2022


Da Hong Pao

The Oldest Oolong Tea.
Aroma: Fruity Aroma
Taste Note: Dense, Creamy Texture And Sweet, Minerally Mouthfeel
Plucking Standard: One Bud With Two Leaves, Autumn,2022


Tie Guan Yin

The Representative of Qin Xiang Oolong tea.
Aroma: Clean And Refreshing Aroma, With An Orchid Aroma
Taste Note: Mild, Smooth and Buttery In The Mouth. It Is Like Sipping A Cup Full Of Brilliant Spring Flowers.
Plucking Standard: One Bud With Two Leaves, Autumn,2022


Minnan Narcissus

An Oolong Tea Adored By Ladies
Aroma: Flowery Aroma
Taste Note: The Perfect Balance Of Floral, Natural Sweetness And Full-Bodied Flavor
Plucking Standard: One Bud With Three Leaves, Autumn,2022

4 Oolong Teas from Chinese Different Regions

Experience Oolong teas sourced from different regions, each contributing its own unique flavor. Whether it's Guangdong's Fenghuang Dancong, Fujian's Tie Guan Yin, Wuyi's Da Hong Pao, or Minnan's Minnan Narcissus, you'll discover a world of diverse tastes.


Savor 4 Distinct Oolong Teas Favors at Once

Indulge in the pure fragrance of Tie Guan Yin, the distinctive roasted notes of Da Hong Pao, the rich peachy aroma of Fenghuang Dancong, and the sweet floral flavor of Minnan Narcissus.


Why Choose Us?

The founder of iTeaworld is a seasoned tea master with over 20 years of tea drinking experience. iTeaworld has been selling tea in China for more than 15 years and has its own tea gardens as well as trustworthy partners. Our oolong tea sampler is carefully curated through rigorous tasting by experienced tea specialists. iTeaworld prides itself on providing first-class customer service, including a 15-day full refund policy to ensure complete customer satisfaction. In addition, our commitment to environmental sustainability underscores our dedication to preserving the natural world.

Taste Oolong Tea with Different Planting Methods.


Tea From Modern High Mountain Tea Gardens:

High mountains veiled in mists and clouds. Rich soils with high levels of organic matter. Large temperature differences between day and night.


Tea From Old Tea Trees:

Sexually reproduced hundred-year-old tea trees. One tea tree in an area of 6-8 m². Picked 1 flush a year.

Compare Oolong Tea with Different Oxidation Levels.

Oxidation levels of Chinese oolong teas are in the 10%-60% range. Lightly oxidized, medium oxidized, and highly oxidized oolong teas are all within this range.


Lightly Oxidized

Fragrance: clean and refreshing aroma, flowery aroma
Taste: fresh and brisk
Tea soup color: The color is light, mainly light yellow. Common colors are apricot and golden yellow.


Medium Oxidized

Fragrance: flowery aroma
Taste: strong and rich
Tea soup color: The color is between yellow and red. Common colors are orange and orange-red.


Highly Oxidized

Fragrance: ripe aroma, sweet aroma
Taste: mellow and thick
Tea soup color: The color is mainly red. Common colors are orange red and red and brilliant.

Enjoy Pure Leaf Tea Iced for Enhanced Flavor


Protecting Nature, One Sip at a Time: iTeaworld's Pledge

iTeaworld has always advocated for green and environmentally-friendly principles. We use paper certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) and soy-based inks for packaging.


Complimentary Biodegradable Tea Bags

Complimentary Biodegradable Tea Bags – 20 Free Packs for You!
We're delighted to offer you 20 free biodegradable tea bags made from corn fiber. They're easy to use, flip the top part of the tea bag to brew. These tea bags are crafted from corn starch, safe for you, biodegradable, and environmentally friendly.


Sustainable Eco-Friendly Packaging

iTeaworld has always advocated for green and environmentally-friendly principles. We use paper certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) and soy-based inks for packaging.


Preserving Centennial Trees: Our Commitment

Centuries-old trees facing pest damage and survival challenges. iTeaworld collaborates with Guilin Agricultural Bureau to establish conservation sanctuaries, transplanting and caring for over 3000 ancient tea trees.

Know More

Overview of 4 Oolong Tea Varieties


Brewing Guide for Authentic Chinese Tea Taste


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Customer Reviews

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Chloe Garcia
Tea-Time Tales with Granny Vibes

Opening up the Oolong Tea Sampler feels like stepping into grandma's kitchen. Tieguanyin, Fenghuang Dancong, Da Hong Pao, and Minnan Shuixian - it's like she's sharing her favorite tea-time tales. A real comfort, no fancy stuff.

Thallia Lane
I'm obsessed!(from Amazon)

I've used each of the flavors not multiple times and this really is delicious traditional chinese tea. Before I've only found tea like this from my local asian market and I'm glad I found a set that will be easy to gift to family and friends online. It even has tips to make it perfect and each package has instructions on it and say how many times it can be steeped. I'm so happy with this tea!

Discovering iTeaworld's Oolong Variety

This was my first time having tea from iTeaworld and it was all a very pleasant experience. This sample of their Oolong offerings gives the taster a great cross-section of a myriad of enjoyable flavors from various types of oolong teas included in this sample set.

Ben Taylor
Fast Delivery, Great Tea

Quick delivery, and the packaging was solid. Unboxing these teas was a nice surprise, and I'm looking forward to my next order.

Different oolong flavours

Our favourite of the selection was Fenghuang Dancong. The tea was very fruity, giving us tropical and slight mango vibes but also had slight sweet undertones to the tea too. It was light and very easy to drink and we both enjoyed it a lot. One of the perks of oolong tea is that it can be brewed multiple times; as we enjoyed this tea so much we tried brewing this tea again which maintained its delicious flavour well.

Our second favourite was Dahongpao. This was also quite a fruity oolong. The tea was very light and enjoyable and even though this oolong tea didn't have the strongest flavour we still very much enjoyed drinking it with it's subtle fruity undertones.

Our next favourite was the Minnan Narcissus. We also got fruity undertones with this oolong but found it not quite as sweet as the previous two teas and found we got more of the 'earthy' oolong flavours coming through with this tea. Again, we found this oolong light and easy to drink.

Our least favourite was the Tie Guanyin oolong. We believe this tea would be aimed at people who prefer the 'traditional' oolong flavours as we got much more of an earthy, fresh and slight floral taste to this tea. Although this wasn't our favourite, we still enjoyed drinking this light oolong tea and enjoyed seeing how much the tea uncurled with this particular brew.

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We Promise Provide 100% Natural Loose Leaf Tea Without Any Extra Additions. No Sugar, No Gluten.

Feel free to contact us, we are always here to answer your questions!

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