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What’s the Perfect Tea in Rainy Days?



On rainy days, it is perfect to hold a cup of tea, chill out, or casually turn the pages of a book. Listening to the sound of the rain and sipping tea slowly is a pleasure. Then, what kind of tea can be tasted in rainy days without losing much of its taste? What kind of tea can warm and comfort your body and mind on rainy days?

First, the humidity is high on rainy days. Dry tea is easy to absorb water, especially for tea that is newly produced. After being brewed, tea with a high level of moisture tends to have little fragrance and insipid flavor. Thus, the tea that is known for its fragrance is not suitable for rainy days. It is better to choose tea with a rich flavor. Thus, fermented Pu’er tea, black tea, Liubao tea, and various old teas are good choices on rainy days.


Second, the weather on rainy days might influence a person’s mood. It is easy to feel a bit down on rainy days. You might feel that the taste of the tea is not as good as before. So it is important to keep a calm mind.

At last, rainy days are wet and cold. It is easy for people to catch cold on rainy days. There some tea, like fermented Pu’er tea, Liubao tea, and black tea, can make your body warm. They are very suitable for rainy days.

Next, we'll discuss how to choose the right tea for a rainy day and some of the black tea varieties I recommend. Of course, I recommend loose leaf tea, which has a stronger flavor than bagged tea.

1, Yunnan Black Tea:

Yunnan black tea is an excellent choice for a rainy day. Its rich flavor and strong aroma can bring you a warm and cozy feeling.

2, Yingde Black Tea:

Yingde black tea is a must-have tea for English afternoon tea, and of course, it's perfect for rainy days. Imagine yourself enjoying an English afternoon tea in a warm room on a rainy day, it's fantastic!

3. Wild Souchong Black Tea:

When you drink Wild Souchong Black Tea, the smoky flavor mixes with woodsy and earthy notes reminiscent of a campfire, and it's fantastic to drink on a rainy day!

4, Souchong Black Tea:

Souchong Black Tea is a black tea with a floral aroma and a hint of honey. If you like strong malt smells and flavors, you'll love small black tea. Drinking souchong black tea on a rainy day will give you a sweet feeling

5、Guangxi Old Tree Black tea:

Guangxi Old Tree Black Tea is a tea made from century-old trees. Its strong flavor and long-lasting aftertaste will let you enjoy the feeling of contact with nature on a rainy day.

Apart from that, you can also try iTeaworld's loose leaf black tea collection pack, which includes Yunnan black tea, Yingde black tea, wild souchong black tea, and souchong black tea. This allows you to try a variety of black teas at a low cost, and also enjoy a warm black tea on a rainy day!

Regardless of the weather, tea is an indispensable beverage in life. And on a rainy day, it brings a more peaceful and pleasant feeling. Choosing the right tea can make you feel warm and cozy on a rainy day.

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