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  • Gift: 20 Biodegradable Tea Bags, Loose Leaf Tea & Tea Bags at the Same Time

Experience the soul-soothing moments with our Classic Tea Selection. Picture yourself cozied up by the fireplace on a chilly evening, sipping the robust black teas that warm both your hands and heart. As the rich oolongs unfold, imagine the anticipation of discovering a new world, making this collection a perfect gift for those you cherish or a delightful introduction for tea novices. Elevate your tea ritual with the classics that resonate with the essence of shared joy and exploration

Заголовок: 1 BOX (56g 2.1OZ)

One Box for Tasting 8 Classic Chinese Oolong Tea and Black Tea

🌿No Flavorings

🌿0 Calorie

🌿No Gluten

🌿No Sugar

Each Tea Is A Classic.

Ever sipped tea in a Chinese restaurant and wished you could have it at home? Let this class tea selection be your guide to experiencing 8 classic Chinese teas. It's your key to finding that perfect loose leaf tea!


Фэнхуан Даньцун
Самый ароматный чай улун.


Самый древний чай улун.


Те Гуань Инь
Представитель Цинь Сян (чистый и освежающий аромат) улун.


Миннан Нарцисс
Улун, обожаемый дамами


Дикий черный чай Сушонг
Самый старый черный чай.


Черный чай Сушонг
Современный взгляд на старейший черный чай


Юньнаньский черный чай
Самый крепкий по вкусу черный чай в Китае.


Черный чай Индэ
Один из трех основных черных чаев Китая.

Experience Chinese Tea from Different Geographical Environments.

Each tea hails from its place of origin, guaranteeing authenticity. At iTeaworld, our commitment is to provide top-quality, genuinely Chinese loose leaf teas.


Savor 8 Distinct Tea Flavors.

Indulge in a box of 4 acclaimed oolong and 4 black teas, all with diverse taste experiences. Whether you're drawn to the classic notes of English breakfast or the unique smokiness of Wild Souchong, discover your favorite taste swiftly!


Why Choose Us?

1.The founder of iTeaworld is a tea lover with 20 years of experience who brings real expertise.
2.We have worked in the Chinese tea industry and tea gardens for over 15 years to ensure the quality of our teas.
3.We are innovative in offering extra tea bags for loose leaf teas, providing convenience.
4.We offer first class customer service including a 15 day refund policy.
5.We are committed to environmental sustainability and offer eco-friendly packaging

There Are More than One Way to Enjoy Pure Leaf Tea.

Tea is not limited to the traditional hot brew; it can be cold-brewed and paired with fruits too. Unleash the freedom to explore more tea-brewing methods!


Protecting Nature, One Sip at a Time: iTeaworld's Pledge

iTeaworld is committed to sustainable development, championing eco-friendly practices and utilizing recyclable packaging. We use FSC-certified paper and soybean oil ink for our packaging, along with biodegradable corn starch for our tea bags. Additionally, iTeaworld is dedicated to safeguarding century-old trees from pest infestations.


Complimentary Biodegradable Tea Bags

Complimentary Biodegradable Tea Bags – 20 Free Packs for You!
We're delighted to offer you 20 free biodegradable tea bags made from corn fiber. They're easy to use, flip the top part of the tea bag to brew. These tea bags are crafted from corn starch, safe for you, biodegradable, and environmentally friendly.


Sustainable Eco-Friendly Packaging

iTeaworld has always advocated for green and environmentally-friendly principles. We use paper certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) and soy-based inks for packaging.


Preserving Centennial Trees: Our Commitment

Centuries-old trees facing pest damage and survival challenges. iTeaworld collaborates with Guilin Agricultural Bureau to establish conservation sanctuaries, transplanting and caring for over 3000 ancient tea trees.

Know More

Overview of 8 Oolong Tea Varieties


Brew It Correctly. Experience the Authentic Taste of Chinese Tea.


Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Jeff Jackson
Sample all the teas!

An excellent overview of Classic Chinese teas, including a few I have not tried before. Highly recommend this set and sampling them together to taste the differences.

Unwrapping Tea Joy

When I cracked open the Classic Tea Sampler, it was like unwrapping a box full of tea joy. The packaging is just as delightful as the diverse collection of classic black teas and oolongs inside. Perfect for gifting, but I couldn't resist keeping it for myself.

16 bags = lots of cups of tea

This box of tea arrives in a beautiful heavy paperboard box, worthy of gift giving. See photo. Inside are 16 "bags" of tea. However, these aren't your normal tea bags. The leaves are larger than I'm used to with tea and they brew whole. It reminded me of a pu-erh tea cake, but prepackaged. One tea bag container can make 2-3 cups of tea, plus each measure of tea leaves (according to the instructions) can be brewed up to seven times. Now, that's more than I would ever brew tea, but a friend on a tight budget might love this. I really like that the box contains a good selection of various black and oolong teas. I started with an oolong variety. It brewed well. I did "wash" the tea for three seconds before brewing, as the instructions suggested. I don't know if it made a difference in the final product, but the tea leaves produced a lovely cup of oolong. See photo. I enjoyed this tea and am very much looking forward to working through the other 15 bags.

Delicious tea that can be multi-brewed

This collection of loose leaf oolong and black teas from ITEAWORLD is delicious. The packaging is nice enough that this would make a great gift for any fine tea lover. I'm not an expert on teas at all, but I do love a good black tea. Ooolong is my absolute favorite and the ones included here are a treat. I especially loved the Dahongpao. The Wild Souchong black tea was my least favorite but is still very good.

I brewed according to the directions on the back of each pouch, with the first very brief brew being meant to clean the tea leaves then is discarded. For some of the varieties I was able to re-brew 5 times and still get an enjoyable cup by lengthening the brew times. I kept the tea leaves in the infuser in a cool spot - not in the refrigerator - then brewed more later or the next day. That makes this collection a good value based on how many cups of tea you can enjoy from it. Highly recommended!

Perfect for tea lovers

I am extremely impressed with this tea collection. Everything about it is top notch; the quality of tea leaves, packaging, etc. I love that each tea has a unique taste different from one another.

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