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The Best Tea For Stress Relief


In today’s fast-paced society, we all face tremendous pressure. Long hours of work, daily chores, relationships with family and friends, etc., these can all make us feel powerless and exhausted. At this time, we need to find some suitable ways to relieve stress. And drinking tea has a good effect of relieving stress.

So how to find the tea that suits you best for relieving stress? I recommend you to try tea samplers, which are more economical and convenient to find your favorite tea.


Flower tea

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that fragrance can relieve depression and disperse knots, and regulate liver and qi. The flower tea we usually drink has a rich fragrance. When we are stressed at work, drinking a cup can immediately relax our mood. When we are troubled, drinking a few more cups can relieve a lot of chest tightness and irritability. Therefore, people who usually have a lot of pressure, work and life are tense or depressed can drink more flower tea, which is beneficial to regulate the body function and dredge the meridians.

 1.Jasmine tea


Jasmine tea gives people a feeling of elegance and fragrance. When brewing jasmine tea, you can smell the fragrance at the moment when the water is poured in, which can make your mood happy.

In addition, jasmine tea has the effect of clearing the liver and reducing fire. Therefore, for office workers, often brewing a fragrant jasmine tea can not only make you feel refreshed and pleasant, but also eliminate the liver fire in your body and make your mood instantly happy.

 2.Rose tea


Rose tea tastes sweet and slightly bitter, and is warm in nature. The most obvious effect is to regulate qi and relieve depression, promote blood circulation and remove blood stasis, and regulate menstruation and relieve pain. In addition, rose tea has a very mild medicinal property, which can nourish the heart, liver and blood vessels, release the stagnation in the body, and have a calming, soothing and anti-depressant effect.

Women often have some emotional irritability before or during menstruation, and drinking some rose tea can have a regulating effect. In today’s increasingly stressful work and life, even if it is not the menstrual period, you can also drink more rose tea to soothe and stabilize your mood.

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 3.Chrysanthemum tea


Under the pressure of life and work, people are prone to get angry. At this time, drinking a cup of chrysanthemum tea can not only calm your mood, but also lower the liver fire in your body.

Chrysanthemum tea has good effects of clearing heat and reducing fire, and relieving summer heat and detoxification. However, cold chrysanthemum tea is not suitable for people with spleen and stomach deficiency and cold, and you can add some wolfberry to drink.

 4.Osmanthus tea


Osmanthus tea has a fragrant aroma, which can relieve tension and make people feel happy. In addition, osmanthus tea also has a calming effect, which can relieve anxiety and stress, and help people maintain a happy and relaxed mood.

Besides, osmanthus tea also has the effect of warming and replenishing yang, which can help people with yang deficiency type hypertension.


Tea with stress-relieving effects among the six major types of tea

The six major types of tea in China are relatively traditional teas, and they are also the tea categories that people can easily see and buy. Some of these teas, in addition to being classic and delicious, also have certain stress-relieving effects.

 1.Oolong tea


In addition to caffeine, loose leaf oolong tea also contains theanine, which is a relaxing ingredient. It can help relieve stress, anxiety and improve sleep quality.

In addition, oolong tea can be said to be the most fragrant tea among the six major types of tea. After brewing, you can smell the rich and uplifting aroma. And oolong tea has a rich aroma, such as floral, fruity, floral and fruity, cinnamon, honey, milk and other aromas. The fragrance of oolong tea is not as obvious and direct as the fragrance of flower tea, it is very worth savoring, and it also has a good stress-relieving effect.

2.Green tea


Loose Leaf Green tea, like oolong tea, contains a certain amount of theanine. Therefore, green tea also has a good stress-relieving effect.

At the same time, green tea is rich in polyphenols and vitamin C. These two substances can remove free radicals in the body, fight oxidation, prevent aging, reduce wrinkles and so on.

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I hope everyone can find a suitable stress relief tip, such as drinking your favorite tea, and make your mind more healthy and peaceful. Our life needs some rest and adjustment time, only when our heart is truly calm, can we better cope with the challenges and pressures in life.

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