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Black Tea Recipes:Specialty Pairing of Yunnan Black Tea


Yunnan Black Tea (Dian Hong) can be used to create not only delicious beverages but also tasty baked goods, and it can even be used in cooking. Let's take a look at some delicious Yunnan Black Tea (Dian Hong) recipes below.


Yunnan Black Tea Beverage Recipe

In addition to enjoying Yunnan Black Tea (Dian Hong) on its own, it is also excellent for making beverages. Many people use tea bags for convenience when making beverages, but I recommend trying loose leaf tea. High-quality Yunnan Black Tea (Dian Hong) has a bright red soup color, prominent golden tips, a fresh and fragrant aroma, and a rich and robust flavor. The beverages made from it will leave a lasting impression on many.

1.Fresh Milk Yunnan Black Tea


Ingredients: Yunnan Black Tea, milk, white sugar, light cream, salt.

Pour Yunnan Black Tea and drinking water into a saucepan, continuously stir, and bring it to a boil for 60 seconds. Then add in milk, light cream, white sugar, and salt, and continue to boil for 1 minute and 30 seconds. Reduce the heat to low, and continue stirring while simmering for another 1 minute and 30 seconds. Turn off the heat, strain it out of the pot, and you can enjoy the delicious Fresh Milk Yunnan Black Tea.

2.Rose Milk Yunnan Black Tea


Ingredients: milk, Yunnan Black Tea, rose petals, salt, white sugar.

Take an appropriate amount of Yunnan Black Tea and rose petals, add about 250ml of boiling water, and simmer in a saucepan. Pour the tea into a teapot, straining out the tea leaves. Take a carton of whole milk and add it to the tea, then simmer over low heat, stirring slowly to prevent it from sticking to the pot until it simmers. Add white sugar and a small amount of salt, stir well, and then turn off the heat. Your Rose Milk Tea Yunnan Black Tea is ready to enjoy.

3.Passion Fruit Yunnan Black Tea


Ingredients: Yunnan Black Tea, honey, passion fruit, lemon slices.

Steep 6 grams of Yunnan Black Tea in hot water for 6 minutes, then let it cool. Place ice cubes in a shaker cup (if you don't have a shaker cup, you can use a thermos), pour in 100 milliliters of the brewed Yunnan Black Tea, stir to lower the temperature of the tea, cover the cup, and shake it until it foams. Add 30 milliliters of honey and 30 milliliters of passion fruit to the cup, and stir well. Take another glass, add ice cubes and lemon slices, then pour in the prepared drink from earlier. You've now completed a glass of Passion Fruit Yunnan Black Tea.


Yunnan Black Tea Baking Recipe

1.Yunnan Black Tea Rose Madeleine


Ingredients: Eggs, white sugar, milk, honey, low-gluten flour, baking powder, almond flour, salt, Yunnan Black Tea, butter.

Beat two eggs and mix with 60 grams of white sugar. Sift in 80 grams of low-gluten flour, 20 grams of almond flour, 3 grams of baking powder, and 2 grams of salt, stirring until there are no large lumps. Take 3 grams of Yunnan Black Tea, chop it, and mix it into the batter. Heat and melt 100 grams of butter, then let it return to room temperature and pour it into the batter. Transfer the mixed batter into a piping bag and refrigerate it overnight.

Brush the molds with melted butter, fill them about seven-eighths full with the batter. Place them in the middle of the oven and bake at 170 degrees Celsius for 15 minutes, or until the madeleines puff up and turn golden brown around the edges.

2.Yunnan Black Tea Chiffon Cake


Ingredients: Eggs, Yunnan Black Tea, vegetable oil, low-gluten flour, white sugar.

Separate the egg whites from the egg yolks. Mix the brewed Yunnan Black Tea tea soup and vegetable oil into the egg yolks, stirring until well combined. Sift in the low-gluten flour and mix until smooth. Set aside. Whip the egg whites with sugar until they reach a medium peak. Finally, combine the egg yolk mixture with the egg whites and mix until well incorporated. Bake in a cake mold and it's ready to serve.


Yunnan Black Tea Cuisine Recipe

Compared to other types of tea such as loose leaf green tea, white tea, and loose leaf oolong tea, loose leaf black tea, like Yunnan Black Tea (Dian Hong), has a higher degree of oxidation. This higher oxidation level gives black tea its warming properties, making it good for digestion. Therefore, using Yunnan Black Tea (Dian Hong) in cooking can have beneficial effects on the stomach and overall health.


Yunnan Black Tea Braised Chicken

Ingredients: Half a chicken, Yunnan Black Tea, black dates, chestnuts, cooking wine, sugar, salt, monosodium glutamate.

Cut the chicken into small pieces and place it in a pot. Add water and cooking wine. After it comes to a boil, remove the frothy soup, then add clear water along with Yunnan Black Tea wrapped in cheesecloth and cooking wine. Bring it to a boil again, then reduce the heat and add 30 black dates. After 20 minutes, add 30 chestnuts and 5 grams of sugar. Cook for another 20 minutes, then add salt and monosodium glutamate. Finally, cook for 5 more minutes, remove the cheesecloth-wrapped Yunnan Black Tea, increase the heat to reduce the liquid, and your delicious Yunnan Black Tea Braised Chicken is ready.

This dish has a rich and aromatic tea flavor and is nourishing, warming, and good for the stomach and blood. Please note that this dish is best enjoyed for lunch, as consuming it for dinner might lead to difficulty falling asleep.


iTeaworld offers a high-quality Yunnan Black Tea (Dian Hong) that provides excellent value for money. Whether you enjoy it on its own or use it to make beverages and other dishes, it's a great choice. Of course, if you'd like to explore other types of black tea in addition to Yunnan Black Tea (Dian Hong), you can purchase iTeaworld's Black Tea Sampler, which includes four classic Chinese black teas that are definitely worth trying.

Yunnan Black Tea (Dian Hong), as a representative of black tea, boasts a rich flavor and a fresh, fragrant aroma. It pairs well with various ingredients such as milk, honey, rose petals, passion fruit, and even certain meats. This versatility is one of the reasons why Yunnan Black Tea (Dian Hong) is so suitable for creating a wide range of interesting recipes. We welcome everyone to try these delicious and intriguing Yunnan Black Tea (Dian Hong) recipes.

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