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Best Buy Black Friday Tea: Cozy Tea Drinks for Early Winter

Best Buy Black Friday Tea: Cozy Tea Drinks for Early Winter

Every year in November, everyone begins to feel a noticeable drop in temperature, and in some places, snowflakes start to fall gracefully, covering the landscape.

During this time, it's essential to have some warm beverages to comfort both the body and the soul. These warm tea drinks are not only suitable for personal consumption but also make excellent gifts for family and friends. With christmas Deal upon us, iTeaworld offers attractive discounts on a variety of products, making it a great time to make a purchase.


Recommended Cozy Tea Drinks for Early Winter

1.Loose Leaf Black Tea


As winter sets in and outdoor activities decrease due to the cold weather, bodies transition from active to more sedentary, resulting in a slower metabolism and reduced blood flow, often leading to cold hands and feet. Loose leaf black tea, being fully fermented, has a gentle nature, is non-irritating, and is rich in proteins and sugars. It generates warmth, enhances the body's resistance to cold, aids digestion, and helps alleviate greasy feelings. It is perfect for replenishing warmth and comforting the body and soul during winter.

Tea Selection: Various loose leaf black tea varieties such as Souchong Black Tea, Yunnan Black Tea, and Yingde Black Tea can be chosen based on personal preferences.


2.Loose Leaf Oolong Tea


Loose leaf oolong tea, a semi-fermented tea, is known for its beauty-enhancing and lung-clearing properties, often referred to as "beauty tea" in Japan. It effectively reduces the occurrence of lung diseases, especially in poor winter weather conditions. Rich in caffeine, loose leaf oolong tea helps refresh the mind, making it ideal for cold mornings or afternoons. Additionally, it aids digestion and alleviates digestion issues in winter.

Tea Selection: There are various loose leaf oolong tea varieties, including TieGuanyin, Da Hong Pao, and Fenghuang Dancong. Selection can be based on personal taste and preferences.


3.Osmanthus Tea


Osmanthus tea is a delightful floral tea perfect for winter. Apart from its warming properties, it has a fragrant osmanthus aroma that uplifts the mood. Osmanthus tea is particularly effective in relieving stress and anxiety, promoting a warm and pleasant feeling during the cold season.

Tea Selection: Consider choosing Osmanthus black tea, where osmanthus fragrance is absorbed by the black tea leaves, combining the warmth of loose leaf black tea with the aroma of osmanthus—ideal for winter.


4.Ripe Pu-erh Tea


In winter, it is crucial to nurture and conserve energy for overall health. Ripe Pu-erh tea, after fermentation, reduces its stimulative nature, offering a mild tea profile with a rich taste. It contains a significant amount of beneficial bacteria that, upon entering the body, not only avoids irritation to the digestive system but also forms a protective layer in the stomach, providing warmth and nourishment. Especially when consuming high-calorie foods in winter, ripe Pu-erh tea helps with digestion and prevents indigestion.


5.White Tea


With cold winter weather putting a strain on the body's temperature regulation, relying solely on extra clothing for warmth is insufficient and may lead to illness. White tea, known for its gentle nature, is extremely beneficial for the body in winter. It helps dispel cold, nourishes qi, and has immune-boosting properties, making it an essential tea for winter.


Winter Health Tips


In addition to consuming warm loose leaf teas, here are some health tips suitable for early winter.

1.Lifestyle Adjustment

During early winter, it is advisable to maintain a regular sleep schedule, going to bed early and waking up late, allowing the accumulation of yang energy and preservation of yin essence. As winter arrives, it is recommended to sleep before 10 p.m., and if possible, rise after the sun has fully risen. Adequate sleep helps restore energy and nourish yin essence.

2.Dietary Adjustment

Entering winter, the focus of the diet should be on "warming and nourishing." In terms of supplementing, individuals should choose foods based on regional and individual differences in constitution, avoiding excessive supplementation.

In colder regions, it is suitable to supplement with warm and hot foods like beef and lamb, which help with yang energy, nourish essence and blood, and treat lung deficiency. In milder climates, supplementing with chicken, duck, and fish, which are sweet and warm, is more appropriate. It's worth noting that fish has a higher protein content than pork, with twice the quality, and is considered high-quality protein with high absorption rates.


3.Mental Well-being

Winter, with its withering landscape, can easily induce feelings of melancholy and loneliness. Negative emotions can lead to various physical reactions and even illness. Therefore, it's essential to focus on mental well-being during winter. Avoid excessive impatience, regulate emotions and lifestyle, and maintain a calm and contented mood. Activities like sun exposure, listening to music, cultivating plants, and practicing meditation can help dispel boredom and low spirits, maintaining a peaceful state of mind.


In winter, it's worth trying different types of tea, preferably exploring some high-quality loose leaf teas to savor the finest flavors of best loose leaf tea. These warm and beneficial tea beverages are best buy black friday.

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Experience the warmth and health benefits that tea brings, adding color and comfort to the cold season. Regardless of the tea type chosen, remember to consume in moderation, savoring the deliciousness of tea while experiencing the magical ways it contributes to winter well-being.

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