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Why Drinking Oolong Tea Can Prevent Tooth Decay?

Why Drinking Oolong Tea Can Prevent Tooth Decay?

In China, there is a common saying: "Toothache is not a disease, but it really hurts when it does." This phrase aptly describes the pain that dental caries can bring. In daily life, people can maintain oral hygiene and health through habits like regular brushing and reducing the consumption of sugary foods. Additionally, there are some foods that can help in preventing dental caries, such as oolong tea.


Causes of Dental Caries


1.Poor Oral Environment

If a person has a poor oral environment, it can lead to a reduced resistance to dental caries, making teeth more vulnerable to bacterial attacks and the formation of caries. It is recommended for individuals to develop the habit of brushing their teeth in the morning and evening and rinsing their mouths after meals to reduce the occurrence of oral diseases.

2.Unhealthy Dietary Habits

    Frequent consumption of high-sugar foods can lead to the proliferation of bacteria on the tooth surface, resulting in the occurrence of dental caries.

    3.Bacterial Infection

    If teeth become infected with bacteria, these bacteria can invade the tooth surface, leading to demineralization of the teeth and causing dental caries.


    Why Is It Said That Oolong Tea Has the Benefit of Preventing Dental Caries?


    From the previous text, it can be understood that the core reason for the formation of dental caries is the invasion of bacteria into tooth tissues and the production of substances within tooth tissues that cause dental caries. The polyphenols found in oolong tea can inhibit the production of these substances that cause dental caries. Scientific research, conducted through extended experiments, has shown that feeding rats with polyphenol-containing diets can reduce the likelihood of dental caries.


    In addition, certain varieties of oolong tea, such as Tie Guan Yin oolong tea, contain a higher amount of fluoride compared to other types of tea. Fluoride dissolves in water at about 40%-80% and easily combines with the calcium in the teeth, forming a layer of calcium fluoride on the tooth surface, which plays a role in preventing acid erosion and dental caries.


    If there's no time to brush your teeth after a meal, drinking a cup of oolong tea is also a good choice. It not only quenches thirst, freshens breath but also has the effect of preventing dental caries. For long-term consumption, it's recommended to purchase high-quality oolong tea. In general, loose leaf teas are of higher quality than tea bags, so it's advisable to buy loose leaf oolong tea. Below, we will introduce some suitable varieties of loose leaf oolong tea.


    Recommended Oolong Teas


    1.Qingxiang (light aroma) Tie Guanyin

    Qingxiang Tieguanyin has a lighter fermentation and a high content of tea polyphenols. It is suitable for those who prefer a mild flavor and appreciate the color of tea. Qingxiang Tie Guanyin emphasizes a clear soup and freshness, with the distinct "Three Greens" characteristics: dry tea is green, soup color is green, and leaf base is green. It has a lasting fragrance, a bright and clear tea soup, a delicate aroma, and a soft leaf base.


    2.Minnan Shuixian

      Minnan Shuixian is also a less fermented oolong tea, and correspondingly, it has a higher content of tea polyphenols. The tea leaves of Minnan Shuixian are tightly rolled, with a sandy green color and a natural orchid fragrance. After brewing, the tea soup is bright yellow, with a sweet and refreshing taste, and it can be steeped multiple times, maintaining its rich tea aroma.


      Of course, in addition to Qingxiang Tie Guanyin and Minnan Shuixian, there are many other varieties of oolong tea. If you want to find oolong tea that suits your taste, you can try iTeaworld's Oolong Tea Sampler, which includes four classic Chinese oolong teas. With just this box, you can gain a basic understanding of Chinese oolong teas.


      What Other Foods Can Help Prevent Dental Caries?

      1.Milk and Dairy Products

      Milk and dairy products, such as milk and cheese, are rich in phosphorus and calcium, which play a significant role in the formation and hardening of tooth tissues. In addition, milk and dairy products contain vitamins, proteases, and certain trace elements that promote the absorption of calcium and phosphorus while inhibiting bacterial growth and reproduction.

      2.Fruits and Vegetables

      Fruits and vegetables are high in fiber, which aids in mechanically removing bacteria from the oral cavity. Additionally, the fruit acids in fruits and vegetables can inhibit bacterial growth and reproduction. Vegetables like onions, ginger, and garlic, which have a distinct spicy flavor, can also inhibit bacterial growth.

      3.Legume Products

      Legume products such as soybeans, red beans, peas, and green beans have a relatively high phosphorus content. Phosphorus is a necessary component for maintaining the growth of teeth and bones.


      In summary, preventing dental caries is a comprehensive endeavor. Typically, brushing your teeth in the morning and evening, rinsing your mouth after meals, and controlling the intake of high-sugar foods can go a long way in preventing dental caries. On top of these practices, you can consider taking care of your teeth by consuming oolong tea regularly and incorporating more dairy products, fruits, vegetables, and legume products into your diet.

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