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Oolong Tea Health Benefits: Antioxidation


The topic of antioxidants has always been popular. If you are interested in health and well-being, you've probably come across some information about antioxidants. In fact, antioxidants are closely related to many aspects of our health. Regularly drinking oolong tea can provide excellent antioxidant benefits. Let's learn more about it below.


What Is Antioxidation?


Antioxidation refers to the abbreviation for combating oxidative free radicals. Due to continuous exposure to the external environment, which includes factors like respiration (oxidative reactions), environmental pollution, and radiation, the human body consistently generates free radicals internally. Scientific research has shown that many diseases, such as cancer, aging, and others, are closely associated with the overproduction of free radicals.

Antioxidation involves substances that, when present in low concentrations, effectively inhibit the oxidative reactions of free radicals. Their mechanisms of action can be direct, acting directly on free radicals, or indirect, by depleting substances that easily give rise to free radicals, preventing further reactions. While the human body inevitably produces free radicals, it also naturally generates antioxidants to counteract the oxidative attacks of free radicals on human cells. Studies have proven that the human body's antioxidant system is a sophisticated and complex system that can be compared to the immune system. The stronger the body's antioxidant capacity, the healthier and longer the life it tends to have.

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Why Does Oolong Tea Have Antioxidant Benefits?

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Oolong tea contains various natural active components that can eliminate free radicals in the body, reducing oxidative reactions and helping the body maintain a youthful and healthy state while delaying the onset of various signs of aging.

In 1983, experiments on anti-aging conducted by the Fujian Traditional Chinese Medicine Research Institute showed that two groups of animals, one fed oolong best loose leaf tea and the other fed vitamin E, both had significantly reduced lipid peroxidation in the liver. This suggests that oolong best loose leaf tea, like vitamin E, has anti-aging effects.

Research has also shown that consuming oolong tea has beneficial effects on the plasma antioxidant defense in healthy individuals. A study on 22 male rugby players demonstrated that oolong tea significantly reduced plasma malondialdehyde (MDA) levels and superoxide dismutase (SOD) activity after both resting and exhaustive exercise. Oolong tea extract can reduce oxidative stress and lipid peroxidation. Furthermore, the DPPH free radical scavenging activity of oolong tea extract increases with higher steeping water temperatures.


Oolong Tea Recommendations

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There are numerous varieties of oolong loose leaf tea to choose from, so which ones are best for daily consumption? Here, we recommend two oolong loose leaf teas that are not only classic and have great taste but also boast captivating aromas.



The core production area for TieGuanyin is Anxi, Fujian. TieGuanyin tea leaves are tightly curled, plump, and exhibit a dark green or glossy black color. The leaves resemble the head of a dragonfly and frog's legs. After brewing, the tea has a clear and bright amber-like color. The tea leaves are thick, soft, and shiny, with reddish-brown leaf edges, creating a combination of red and green. The flavor is sweet, mellow, and refreshing, with a unique orchid aroma.

2.Minnan Shuixian

The core production area for Minnan Shuixian is Yongchun, Fujian. Minnan Shuixian tea leaves are tightly rolled and sturdy, with a sandy green color that glistens with a honey-like yellow hue. The fragrance is pure, high, and long-lasting, with hints of orchid. The tea has a clear and orange-yellow color, with a sweet, mellow, and refreshing taste. The tea leaves are bright yellow and thick, with uniform consistency. Even after multiple infusions, the fragrance lingers outside the cup, and the sweetness endures.


iTeaworld offers a Oolong Tea Sampler, including TieGuanyin and Minnan Shuixian, both sourced from the core production areas of these two classic teas. They offer excellent value for the quality and are definitely worth a try.

Other Antioxidant-Rich Food Recommendations



Tomatoes are rich in lycopene, which has much higher antioxidant capabilities than vitamin C. Even when tomatoes are cooked, they still maintain good antioxidant effects. Although cooking tomatoes can lead to the degradation of vitamin C, it correspondingly increases the lycopene content, enhancing its antioxidant function.

2.Red Wine

Red wine, made from grapes, undergoes fermentation, which enhances its antioxidant properties compared to grapes or grape juice, which lack this fermentation process. Therefore, moderate consumption of red wine can offer certain antioxidant and beauty benefits.


Nuts, rich in vitamin E, not only have antioxidant properties but can also repair skin tissue. However, nuts are high in fats, and excessive intake poses a risk of weight gain and may compromise the antioxidant function of vitamin E due to the oxidative reactions caused by high-fat consumption. Therefore, it's essential to consume these foods in moderation to fully harness their antioxidant benefits.


Garlic not only has antioxidant effects but also promotes blood circulation, speeds up metabolism, and aids in detoxification and weight loss. Additionally, garlic's sulfur compounds have antioxidant and reduction properties, effectively reducing cholesterol levels and preventing hypertension and cardiovascular diseases.


To achieve optimal antioxidant effects, it's important not only to consume foods with antioxidant properties but also to ensure the quality of these foods. For fruits and vegetables, fresh and organic options are generally the best choices. When it comes to oolong tea, loose leaf oolong tea is recommended for its high quality. To ensure the best loose leaf tea, it's advisable to choose reputable brands and sources.


In addition to dietary choices, good lifestyle habits are also crucial for effective antioxidant effects. This includes avoiding smoking and secondhand smoke, maintaining regular sleep patterns, avoiding late nights, and practicing sun protection, among other factors. We hope this article provides a better understanding of antioxidants and offers some practical ways to incorporate antioxidant benefits into your daily life.

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