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Exploring Different Flavors of Gourmet Teas

Explore different flavors of premium tea
Looking for some delicious, uniquely styled, and high-quality gourmet teas? Then you should check out some varieties of Chinese tea.

Some famous Chinese tea is true gourmet tea. They not only tantalize your taste buds but also redefine your understanding of tea flavors and aromas.

1. Fenghuang Dancong (Milan Aroma) — High and Enchanting Aroma

Excellent teas come from exceptional mountain environments, and Fenghuang Dancong (Milan Aroma), produced in the Fenghuang Mountains of Chaozhou, China, is a prime example.

The most distinctive feature of Fenghuang Dancong (Milan Aroma) is its elegant orchid fragrance, combined with a hint of honey aroma. Its scent is both refined and prominent. This tea is a must-try for those who appreciate aromatic gourmet teas.

In addition to being delicious on its own, Fenghuang Dancong (Milan Aroma) pairs well with slightly tart fruits and savory snacks. This combination makes for an exceptionally delightful afternoon tea experience.

Fenghuang Dancong Oolong Tea

2. Yunnan Black Tea — Rich, Smooth, and Sweet Aroma

Yunnan Black Tea is made from high-quality Yunnan large-leaf tea trees and crafted with exquisite techniques, meeting your finest expectations for black tea.

As a gourmet tea, Yunnan Black Tea is not only delightful to drink but also pleasing to the eyes and nose. Its liquor is red and vibrant, and its aroma is sweet, making it a feast for the senses. What makes Yunnan Black Tea particularly beloved is its rich and smooth taste, with layers that are both complex and harmonious.

Want to make delicious black tea milk tea? Try Yunnan Black Tea, and you'll be pleasantly surprised.
Black Tea Milk Tea

3. Jasmine Tea — Fresh as the Fragrance of Early Summer

Delicious Chinese jasmine tea is typically made using tender loose leaf green tea as the base, absorbing the fragrance of high-quality jasmine flowers from early summer.

Jasmine tea usually has a bright orange-yellow liquor and a rich taste. Its aroma is fragrant and strong, making you feel as if there is a bouquet of blooming jasmine flowers nearby. This enchanting fragrance is what makes jasmine tea regarded as one of the best loose leaf tea.

In addition to being enjoyed on its own, jasmine tea can also be enhanced with lemon and honey to create a refreshing and fragrant beverage.
Lemon Jasmine Tea

4. Da Hong Pao — Unique Rock Charm

What would the taste be like if a loose leaf tea came from high mountains covered in rocks?

You should taste Da Hong Pao to truly appreciate it. The characteristic feature of premium Da Hong Pao is its "rock charm." This is a unique flavor found in Da Hong Pao from the core region of Wuyi Mountain in China. Therefore, Da Hong Pao is regarded as one of the best oolong tea.

Additionally, premium Da Hong Pao has a smooth and textured taste, along with a charming floral and fruity aroma. It's a must-try variety of loose leaf oolong tea.
Da Hong Pao Oolong Tea

5. Old Tree Green Tea — Intense, Complex, a Digestive Aid

Old tree green tea, also known as raw pu-erh, is a special type of tea originating from the renowned tea-producing region of Yunnan, China. It is typically sun-dried, a process that allows the tea leaves to absorb the full energy of the sunlight.

The taste of old tree green tea is intense and complex, which might be a bit challenging for first-time drinkers. But why is ancient tree green tea considered a gourmet tea?

Because although it may initially taste bitter, it quickly transitions to a sweet aftertaste that lingers, and its aroma is both fresh and rich.

Moreover, old tree green tea has significant health benefits, promoting a comfortable feeling in the body with regular consumption. Its digestive properties make it particularly suitable for drinking after meals.

Old Tree Green Tea

One excellent aspect of Chinese tea is that it does not use artificial flavors for seasoning. Instead, it relies solely on unique tea tree varieties and production techniques to create a diverse range of flavors and aromas. We recommend using a loose leaf tea sampler to explore the delicious gourmet teas found in Chinese tea. Tea gift sets containing these gourmet teas also make excellent gifts for family and friends.

Additionally, Chinese tea includes unique varieties such as old tree tea and wild tea. If you're interested in trying Chinese organic loose leaf tea, you can explore within the range of old tree tea and wild tea. When making purchases, please ensure to check for organic testing and certification from professional organizations.

Whether you prefer a refreshing or bold taste, you can find unique varieties of gourmet teas in Chinese tea. Welcome to explore the rich world of Chinese tea.

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