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Why Choose Chinese Loose Leaf Tea?

Many people are familiar with bagged tea. Bagged tea is convenient and comes in a wide variety of flavors. In such circumstances, why should we try Chinese loose leaf tea?

In fact, many tea enthusiasts, when they reach a certain level of interest in tea and have a higher pursuit of its quality and taste, turn their attention to Chinese loose leaf tea.

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China has a long history of tea making. Over the course of thousands of years, tea-making techniques and tea culture have flourished. As of now, according to incomplete statistics, there are thousands of types of Chinese tea. Based on production techniques, Chinese tea can be divided into the following six categories: loose leaf green tea, loose leaf white tea, loose leaf yellow tea, loose leaf oolong tea, loose leaf black tea, and loose leaf dark tea. The rich variety makes Chinese teas very suitable as tea gift sets to give to family and friends.

What Kind of Taste Do You Prefer, Rich or Refreshing?

If you start by trying tea categories that you don't like, you might get the impression that Chinese tea isn't suitable for you. In reality, the six major categories of Chinese tea almost cover teas with different characteristics, and each category has a rich variety of tea species. Choosing the right direction from the beginning is crucial.

If you prefer a refreshing taste, enjoying the subtle flavor and mild aftertaste while savoring tea, then you should turn your attention to teas with fresh characteristics. For you, loose leaf green tea, loose leaf white tea, and loose leaf yellow tea are suitable choices. Additionally, some brewing methods, such as cold brewing, will enhance the refreshing taste of the tea, so feel free to try a Cold Brew Tea Sampler to explore the joy of cold brewing.

If you prefer a rich taste, enjoying the full-bodied experience in your mouth, then you should explore teas like loose leaf black tea, loose leaf dark tea, and some highly oxidized loose leaf oolong teas.

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Oxidation Level - An Important Consideration

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Oxidation sounds a bit complex, doesn't it? If you delve deeper into Chinese tea, you'll find that oxidation is an unavoidable topic.

Oxidation in tea refers to the process where certain substances in fresh tea leaves interact with oxygen. Through oxidation, many substances in tea leaves undergo complex changes. For instance, the polyphenols in fresh leaves may oxidize into theaflavins or thearubigins. Chlorophyll in fresh leaves may oxidize into phaeophytin.

Visually, the lower the oxidation level of the tea, the lighter the color of the associated tea leaves and tea liquor; conversely, the higher the oxidation level, the darker the color of the associated tea leaves and tea liquor.

In general, teas with low oxidation levels are characterized by freshness and clarity, while teas with high oxidation levels are warmer and more mellow. You can explore this by trying out a loose leaf tea sampler, which is quite intriguing!

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Concerned about Caffeine Content? Here Are Some Tips.

The variation in caffeine content among different teas is significant. Here are some general principles to consider.

The caffeine content of tea is correlated with its oxidation level. Generally speaking, the higher the oxidation level of the tea, the higher its caffeine content.

Therefore, if you're seeking low-caffeine tea options, loose leaf green tea and loose leaf white tea would be suitable choices for you.

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How to Judge the Quality of Chinese Tea?

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Different types of Chinese tea have corresponding standards for judging quality. But we still can find some general rules.

  • Observing Appearance

From the appearance, good Chinese loose leaf tea should be clean with minimal impurities, and the tea leaves should be intact without being broken into small pieces.

The form of Chinese loose leaf tea is mainly either strip-shaped or ball-shaped. Strip-shaped dry tea is best when it's symmetrical, smooth, and uniform in appearance. Ball-shaped dry tea is best when the size is uniform and the particles are compact.

  • Tasting the Tea Soup

High-quality Chinese loose leaf tea should have a smooth and comfortable taste. If a tea has unpleasant odors such as sourness or burnt flavors, its quality may not be very good. You can try different teas and compare them using a tea sampler to discover your preferences.

Another interesting point is that most good teas develop a pleasant sweetness towards the end.

Exploring Chinese tea is a rich and fascinating endeavor. Sometimes, the abundance of information about Chinese tea can be overwhelming.

Aspects such as taste, oxidation level, and caffeine content can serve as guideposts to help you navigate the rich world of Chinese tea and easily discover the teas that best suit your preferences.

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