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Tea Sampler, the Ultimate 2024 New Year Gift

tea sampler is best gift

At the beginning of the New Year, a time filled with anticipation and warmth, finding a unique gift becomes the perfect way to express sentiments. Loose leaf tea, as a traditional and ceremonial beverage, is an ideal choice for a New Year's gift.

Loose leaf tea boasts a rich variety of flavors, catering to individuals with different taste preferences who can find their favorite blends within. A tea sampler provides an economically convenient way for everyone to easily explore a variety of teas through tea samplers, discovering the best loose leaf tea.


For People Who Appreciate Fresh Tea

Many people enjoy the refreshing taste of fresh tea, making loose leaf green tea excellent choices for tea gift sets. Starting the day with a cup of such tea can bring a positive mood throughout the day.

green tea sampler

The crispness of loose leaf green tea primarily comes from its aroma and flavor. During the production process, loose leaf green tea is not oxidized; the fresh leaves undergo high-temperature fixation, effectively inhibiting the activity of enzymes and preserving the inherent components of fresh leaves to a large extent. Therefore, it retains more of the fresh taste and flavor of the tea leaves. In comparison to oxidized tea varieties, its freshness is more pronounced.

Loose leaf green tea comes in many classic varieties, offering distinctive flavors while providing a fresh taste. For example, Longjing tea, with a history of over a thousand years, has flat and smooth leaves, vibrant and tender green color, and a fresh and high fragrance, earning it the title of "Queen of Green Tea." Another example is Biluochun, produced on Dongting Mountain in Suzhou, also known as the "aroma that scares people." It has a rich taste with natural floral and fruity notes.

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For People Who Appreciate Tea with Rich Flavor

For people who appreciate tea with rich flavor, you can present Chinese loose leaf black tea as a tea gift to them, introducing the diverse world of Chinese loose leaf black teas.

 black tea sampler

The control of oxidation directly influences the taste and quality of tea leaves. Compared to other types of tea, loose leaf black tea undergoes a higher degree of oxidation, resulting in a more complex and rich composition. The tea liquor of loose leaf black tea is vibrant red, with a strong aroma, full-bodied taste, and a lingering aftertaste, making it truly worth savoring.

The progenitor of black tea, Lapsang Souchong, has a history of over 400 years. The tea liquor presents a deep amber color, and the aroma is exceptionally intense with a robust fragrance. Another example is the young Yunnan Black Tea, produced in Yunnan province. It boasts a plump and solid appearance, distinctive golden tips, and a high aroma with a rich flavor, making it stand out uniquely.

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For People Who Appreciate Aromas in Tea

For people who have a high pursuit of the aroma of tea leaves, there are two types of Chinese loose leaf teas that are very suitable as tea gifts—loose leaf flower tea and loose leaf oolong tea.

Among the various types of tea in China, loose leaf flower tea is a particularly special variety. Known for its fragrant aroma and high aesthetic appeal, loose leaf flower tea has been beloved since its introduction. Notable varieties include jasmine tea, osmanthus tea, and rose tea.

Jasmine Tea

Among them, loose leaf jasmine tea originated in the Song Dynasty and has a history of over a thousand years, once acclaimed as the "first fragrance on earth." This tea involves a meticulous process of oxidat fresh tea leaves with jasmine flowers, typically using green tea as the tea base.

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Among the six major tea categories in China, the aroma of loose leaf oolong tea is universally recognized as the most fragrant, distinct, and elevated. Due to variations in tea varieties and differences in the roasting process, the aromas can vary significantly. Loose leaf oolong tea offers a wide range of fragrances, including floral, fruity, honeyed, and woody aromas.

Within loose leaf oolong tea, Da Hong Pao possesses the clear fragrance of green tea and the rich sweetness of black tea. It is considered the top-grade among Chinese oolong teas, renowned for its unique rock charm and the floral aroma known as "rock bone flower fragrance." TieGuanyin tea boasts a distinctive aroma, with natural orchid notes emerging after brewing. Its taste is pure and rich, and the aroma is both abundant and enduring.

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oolong tea sampler

In addition to its rich flavors, Chinese loose leaf tea also offers notable health benefits. Loose leaf tea is not only rich in nutrients such as proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins, and minerals but also contains phytochemicals like tea polyphenols, caffeine, tea polysaccharides, tea pigments, and theanine, all of which play a significant role in maintaining human health.

Therefore, presenting Chinese loose leaf tea as a New Year's gift not only delivers a delicious treat but also a healthy one. We hope that iTeaworld loose leaf tea can lead everyone to discover more goodness.

May this ancient yet fresh tea gift, like the first rays of sunshine in the New Year, warm every soul. Let us continue to savor the sweetness and bitterness of life in the coming year, cherishing the surprises brought by each cup of tea with heartfelt appreciation.

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