Chinese Jasmine Tea Sampler

Jasmine Choice!
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Experience All of Chinese Jasmine Tea in One Set

What will you get?

Jasmine tea Bi Luo Chun 3 Scent
Jasmine Bi Luo Chun(3-Scent)

Subtle and refreshing, Jasmine Bi Luo Chun is a delightful fusion of tender leaves and jasmine essence, crafted through a meticulous 3-scenting process.

Jasmine tea Mao Jian 5 scent
Jasmine Mao Jian(5-scent)

Harmoniously balanced, Jasmine Mao Jian intertwines fine leaves with jasmine essence in a nuanced cup, perfected through a careful 5-scenting process.

Jasmine tea Zhen Wang 7 scent
Jasmine Zhen Wang(7-scent)

Regally sophisticated, Jasmine Zhen Wang blends royal leaves with jasmine essence, achieving a luxurious taste through a perfected 7-scenting process.

Jasmine tea Bai Hao 9 scent
Jasmine Bai Hao(9-scent)

Pinnacle craftsmanship, Jasmine Bai Hao combines intense jasmine fragrance with Bai Hao leaves in an exceptional 9-scenting process, resulting in unparalleled quality and refined taste.

20 tea bag
Tea Bag *20

Savor worry-free tea moments with our corn starch tea bags – safe, biodegradable, and effortlessly convenient for brewing, eliminating the need for a separate filter.

A Cup of China's Jasmine for You

Delivering the Essence of Chinese Jasmine in a Box, Just For You.

Taste Four Jasmine Teas in One - Sugar-Free, Additive-Free

Eco-Friendly Packaging: Caring for Our Planet

Sip Anywhere: Individually Packed

4 type of Jasmine tea form iteaworld
Unmatched Flavor Fused with Pure & Sustainable Goodness
Individually Wrapped Jasmine teaJasmine tea gift tea bag

Smartly Crafted for Your Ease of Tea Enjoyment

Individually Wrapped, Anywhere-Ready Tea

Conveniently packed for on-the-go sipping – enjoy a great cup of tea outdoors, in the office, or at the gym.

Smartly Crafted for Your Ease of Tea Enjoyment

Safe Corn Starch Tea Bags: No Filter? No Worries!

Fear not the lack of a filter – our tea bags are made from safe and biodegradable corn starch.

Crafting Excellence: Jasmine Tea's Intricate Artistry

Better craftsmanship for better tea – Jasmine tea is one of the most intricate blends. The pivotal step is the scenting process, a delicate mix of fresh flowers and tea leaves. With each additional scenting step, the process becomes more complex, carrying the risk of altering the tea's essence. However, successful scenting elevates the grade of Jasmine tea. Tea plucked in spring undergoes immediate processing and is stored in refrigerators until the Jasmine flowers bloom in summer. Since Jasmine flowers bloom and release their aroma peak at night, the scenting process must be completed at night. The production cycle of Jasmine tea is typically lengthy, taking at least a month.

Jasmine Tea Intricate Artistry from iteaworld

Unlock Jasmine Tea's Flavor with Versatile Brewing Styles

Jasmine tea use gaiwan

Kung Fu Tea Brewing Method

Water temperature: 176°F - 194°F(80°C-90°C)
Tea-to-water ratio: 1:35-50
Brewing time: 10-20 seconds
Number of brews: 3-4 times

Jasmine Tea cold brew

Cold Brewing Method

Water temperature: Room temperature
Tea to water ratio: 1:100-150
Store at room temperature: 1-2 hours
or Store in a refrigerator: 4-6 hours.

Jasmine tea use tea bag

Tea Bag Brewing Method

Water temperature: 176°F - 194°F(80°C-90°C )
Tea to water ratio: 1:100~150
Brewing time: 60-120 seconds

Protecting Nature, One Sip at a Time: iTeaworld's Pledge

iTeaworld is committed to sustainable development, championing eco-friendly practices and utilizing recyclable packaging. We use FSC-certified paper and soybean oil ink for our packaging, along with biodegradable corn starch for our tea bags. Additionally, iTeaworld is dedicated to safeguarding century-old trees from pest infestations.


Complimentary Biodegradable Tea Bags

Complimentary Biodegradable Tea Bags – 20 Free Packs for You!
We're delighted to offer you 20 free biodegradable tea bags made from corn fiber. They're easy to use, flip the top part of the tea bag to brew. These tea bags are crafted from corn starch, safe for you, biodegradable, and environmentally friendly.

Jasmine Tea package iteaworld

Sustainable Eco-Friendly Packaging

iTeaworld has always advocated for green and environmentally-friendly principles. We use paper certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) and soy-based inks for packaging.


Biodegradable Packaging

The outer packaging of the green tea collection is biodegradable, the bag for tea leaves will break down at high temperatures.
The tea bags contain a layer of CPP film, which is designed to prevent the tea leaves from moisture and deterioration. It is environmentally friendly and safe to use. The production process does not contain solvents and is non-toxic.Tips for use: As shown in the picture on the right, after use, you can tear off the packaging cover along the edge for easy access to the tea leaves.


Preserving Centennial Trees: Our Commitment

Centuries-old trees facing pest damage and survival challenges. iTeaworld collaborates with Guilin Agricultural Bureau to establish conservation sanctuaries, transplanting and caring for over 3000 ancient tea trees.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Stellar Box set!

The scent of jasmine for me evokes treasured memories of my early tea-drinking experiences, as it was a jasmine-scented pearl tea that I initially tried at my neighborhood tea shop. Falling in love with loose-leaf tea, I soon discovered that not all jasmine-scented teas are equal. Delving deeper into the tea-making process, I learned more about scenting techniques and iTeaworld describes their skilled process. The BiLuoChun tastes like a green tea candy🍬 with a mouth coating of buttery juiciness. The deep brothy flavor of BiLuoChun makes a lovely pairing with its distinctive Jasmine scented tea. All the teas in the set are delicious but the BiLuoChun stands out to me because BLC is my current green tea variety. I will not hesitate to purchase another of these Jasmine box sets once I complete this current one. Well done #iteaworld . I am incredibly impressed and eagerly anticipate continuing to savor this jasmine box set!

David Buckingham
A Great Jasmine Sampler!

I've received a free sampler set from iTeaWorld of their Chinese Jasmine Tea Sampler. Though this review is an exchange for the free tea, the following reviews are my own and have not been influenced by iTeaWorld at all.

TLDR: The teas were all delicious! In order of most- to least-desirable:

1. Jasmine Bai Hao
2. Jasmine Bi Luo Chun
3. Jasmine Zhen Wang
4. Jasmine Mao Jian

Steeping details for all four teas:
* 5 grams leaves,
* 150 mL filtered water,
* 185˚F (85˚C),
* 20—30 seconds.


Jasmine Bi Luo Chun (scented 3 times):

Dry: pleasant jasmine smell, whole jasmine flowers, rolled green tea leaves, overall VERY similar to jasmine dragon pearls.

1. Tastes of jasmine pearls. Not bitter. Floral, sweet, and light grassy notes with a sweet huigan.
2. More green tea coming through with some bitterness and grassy strength. Jasmine is still strong but fading to roasted nuttiness.
3. Floral jasmine --> toasted nut transition continues. Leaf sweetness shines through more, as does green-tea astringency as steeping time increases from 20 seconds to 25—30 seconds.
4. Not much change. Stopped here.

Jasmine Mao Jian (scented 5 times):

Dry: STRONG jasmine smell.

1. Pleasant jasmine taste which is slightly stronger than the Jasmine Bi Luo Chun. It leaves a VERY cooling effect in the mouth, like menthol.
2. Jasmine is present but much less than the 1st steep. Citrus and grassy notes are strong.
3. More green tea than jasmine taste.
4. No change. Stopped here.

Jasmine Zhen Wang (scented 7 times):

Dry: STRONGER jasmine smell.

1. Jasmine taste is not as overpowering as the dry leaves smell. Nice big green-tea buds give a white-tea taste that is VERY sweet with jasmine floral, slight sweet-grass taste from the leaves.
2. Tongue is tingling by now. The leaf/flower tastes are balancing well.
3. PERFECT leaf/flower balance.
4. Jasmine has faded fast. Stopped here.

Jasmine Bai Hao (scented 9 times):

Dry: ALMOST nose-burning jasmine scent!

1. THE BEST JASMINE TEA I HAVE EVER TASTED! Not at all overpowering jasmine taste. A PERFECT balance of green-tea leaves with jasmine flavor. A wonderfully full floral sweetness. The liquor smells of cotton candy. Delicious huigan without any bitterness.
2. Green tea comes on strong and whole mouth is tingling from the jasmine.
3. Perfect balance is back, and floral sweetness dominates.
4. The perfect balance remains. But, the mouth tingling is almost too much—almost numbing the senses. The tea could probably be resteeped a few more times, but it’s too late in the day for me.

The next best thing to being in China's countryside

“They say” is a most dangerous phrase in the English language. Regardless of the topic, I believe it is always best to experience for oneself the subject of discussion, whether it is a person, place, or thing of art. This is especially true of tea, no matter what country in which it is grown. There are times when you least expect it, you can experience even for just a moment, the fragrance, the taste, and the essence of that country. Sometimes, all at once.

Most supermarket brands of Jasmine tea are artificially perfumed, which is not only harmful to the health but can also damage your taste buds. It is chemically oriented. But not this – this is bliss in a bag from iteaworld.

By adhering to the instructions on each package (which can vary, and it is best to do so) you will get the experience of the tea.

Jasmine Mao Jian

Great introduction at the first sip, and quickly envelops the mouth. A slight astringency that is fairly signature of true Jasmine tea. It isn’t harsh and doesn’t try to compete for attention. It’s a gentle wave rather than a frantic change of tide. This tea will delight those who enjoy a lighter scent and taste. It is not heavy handed, and fully engages you in the experience of being in a truly blissful garden, wherever you may live.

The light grasses of summer, in the wintertime, will soothe the ache in your neck, and the gentle floral surrounding the substantial tea leaves, which are strong and neat, with variegated color. By the second cup you will be wondering why you have wasted so much money at the supermarket over the years.

The second and third steeps will reveal notes of light fruit and accompanied by its signature floral, is the perfect blend. It is consistent and a lovely tea all-round for those who like me, want to be there, but can’t.

Jasmine Bai Hao

The fragrance is unbelievably natural and strong as soon as you open the envelope. It is a needle-like tea with a beautiful presentation of varied colors. I thought I was in a scented bath for a moment. It is a true Jasmine fragrance! I don’t know how they got it in there, but I'm glad they did! I really felt a bit sleepy afterward and so I know I can use this as a nightcap before bedtime and I won’t stay awake but will float off.

This acts more like a white tea, and it is very gentle on the stomach and the mouth. Color is perfect – a very pale gold, which is very satisfying after a hard day at work. I’m very excited about this one because I have been looking for something for evening time, and this perfectly fits the bill. It is still as robust as any of the top competitors and holds its own in a saturated market. This is a tea to savor at the end of the day, and let your mind wander, while you fall asleep in a favorite chair. (Sign me up, please for a pound of this!)

Color, brilliance, and taste are fully consistent from steep to steep, from cup to cup. This is a winner for all seasons. The Jasmine Bai Hao is by far my favorite of the four.

Jasmine Zhen Wang

Once again, it has a needle-like appearance and during the first steep begins to act like a white tea, although of course, it is green. The fragrance is a lot more subtle on this tea, and so it would be a favorite for those who do not like heavy fragrance. I have a perfumer’s nose (a former occupation) and so I easily pick out orange blossom as well as jasmine, although of course, the jasmine is the base layer which doesn’t fade. It is spiced jasmine, if I may say so, and it’s subtle and complex.

The taste is light, and floral, and again, behaving very much like a white tea. I enjoyed the third steep of this the most. Like many of my personality type, I will say that if there is one absolute certainty in life, it is that there are no absolutes. I enjoyed this tea! I feel strongly that the taste is consistent from steep to steep and not too heavily reliant on the grasses for flavor. My second favorite! A great go-to for bedtime.

Jasmine Bi Luo Chun

This is by far the most traditional of the four in this sampler. Astringency is high on the first steep, and some may find that bitter. But it is worth the wait if you go to the second and third steep. Smoothing out nicely, the tea, which is a bright yellow, takes on a far more subtle flavor with notes of yes, the grasses, and vegetal, but also the jasmine floral itself. For the purist, this is it. Those who enjoy the high greens, will love this tea.

It is what many expect out of a high-quality jasmine. Scented three times in the most natural way, with no added perfumes, it is a lovely fragrance to carry you through your day, as well as your teatime.

In all, my favorites may not be yours, but I do plan to order them individually. This is a fantastic sampler, with a great introduction to both the history of these teas and their importance in Chinese culture, as well as the necessary qualities to make it a daily drink for many.


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