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Best Chinese Tea Gift Sets of 2024

Best Chinese Tea Gift Sets of 2024
If you're looking to give a healthy and delicious gift, or if you have a friend or family member who loves tea, you should check out these Chinese tea gift sets.

Chinese tea is especially suited for those who appreciate a sense of ceremony in life, seek inner peace, and aspire to live healthier and happier lives. If the person you're gifting has any of these preferences, choosing Chinese tea gift sets would be a thoughtful choice.

appreciate a sense of ceremony in life with Chinese Tea

1. Jasmine Tea

Chinese Jasmine Tea is a tea that almost everyone finds irresistible, with no learning curve required. It is fresh and light, offering an aromatic experience that feels like being in a garden.

Jasmine Tea | iTeaworld

Did you know there are many varieties of jasmine tea? Entry-level three-scented jasmine tea has a rich and intense aroma, while top-grade nine-scented jasmine tea has a fresh and lingering fragrance. If you want to give a unique jasmine tea gift box, you should take a look at this Chinese Jasmine Tea Sampler.

2. Wild Tea

If you're looking to give a truly special tea gift, you can choose from the wild tea series.

Wild tea refers to tea made from fresh leaves of tea trees grown wild in unmanaged natural environments. Wild tea impresses with its robust flavor and uplifting aroma. Whether it's wild green tea or wild black tea, each variety has a distinct personality that leaves a lasting impression.

Wild Tea | iTeaworld

Want to experience the raw vitality and natural wildness? Give wild tea a try! If you're looking to buy Chinese organic loose leaf tea, you can also explore within the range of wild teas.

3. Fenghuang Dancong (Mi Lan Xiang)

Some may say tea is just hot water. Fenghuang Dancong can change their perception. It's a tea that even non-tea drinkers find delicious. Fenghuang Dancong is renowned as one of the best oolong tea.

Fenghuang Dancong (Mi Lan Xiang) | iTeaworld

Fenghuang Dancong comes in many aromas, with Mi Lan Xiang being a classic favorite. The fragrance of Mi Lan Xiang Fenghuang Dancong is neither too light nor too overpowering, making it a very comfortable and elegant aroma.

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4. Yunnan Black Tea (Dian Hong)

For anyone who enjoys robust tea flavors, we always recommend Yunnan Black Tea.

Yunnan Black Tea (Dian Hong) | iTeaworld

It has a classic smooth and sweet taste. Whether enjoyed on its own or with milk, Yunnan Black Tea is exceptionally delicious.

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5. Ripe Pu-erh

Ripe Pu-erh has a rich and deep flavor that is cherished by seasoned tea enthusiasts. If you steep ripe Pu-erh in a thermos, it can yield an exceptionally mellow and sweet taste.

Additionally, ripe Pu-erh is known for its digestive benefits and its ability to help lower cholesterol levels.

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6. Chinese Tea Sampler

If you've looked at many tea varieties and still aren't sure how to choose, this Chinese Tea Sampler might be perfect for you.

Chinese Tea Sampler | iTeaworld

This Chinese Tea Sampler includes the six most classic teas among the six major types of Chinese tea. We've gathered these universally recognized best loose leaf tea into this box. With just one box, you can taste and compare the different styles of Chinese tea. Whether you prefer fresh, robust, or aromatic teas, you'll find them all in this box.

7. Green Tea Sampler

When you think of green tea, what comes to mind? Perhaps a fresh taste like springtime.

Imagine your spring experience. Do you see the surprise of early spring greenery? Or the leisurely feeling of late spring?

Green Tea Sampler | iTeaworld

Chinese green tea is much the same. Though all are loose leaf green tea, each variety offers a unique experience. For example, Longjing provides a mellow taste with hints of chestnut and a floral aroma, while Biluochun offers a refreshing taste with floral and fruity notes.

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8. Cold Brew Tea Sampler

Do you crave a cold brew tea on a hot day? Then you might want to try this Cold Brew Tea Sampler made from high-quality Chinese teas.

Cold Brew Tea Sampler | iTeaworld

These loose leaf cold brew tea offers both robust flavors and delightful directions. They provide you with a healthy, sugar-free beverage that's perfect for hot weather.

Chinese tea is not only delicious tea but also provides a tranquil and elegant tea drinking experience.

Even within the same type of loose leaf tea, there is a wide variety of choices available for you to explore. It's like a palette of colors within the same hue—belonging to the same series yet each type leaves a distinct impression. By using a loose leaf tea sampler for tasting and comparing, you'll gain a richer and more enjoyable tea drinking experience.

We hope this article provides you with useful information and inspiration to help you choose the perfect tea gift.

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