Чай Миннан Нарцисс Улун

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Nurtured in the high mountain tea gardens of Fujian, our Minnan Shuixian captivates with a naturally sweet floral aroma and impeccable balance. Skillfully roasted, it unveils a unique smoothness, reminiscent of wild honey, leaving a silky aftertaste. Perfect for leisurely afternoons, indulge with friends in the delightful sips of Minnan Shuixian.

Заголовок: 100g(3.5OZ)

Dongguan Town, Yongchun, Fujian,China



Tea Garden Altitude:

About 380m


Чай Миннан Нарцисс Улун

Чайные листья с 60-летних чайных деревьев с отчетливым ароматом орхидеи

Нарциссовый чай из провинции Фуцзянь


Чай прошел японские тесты на безопасность органических пищевых продуктов.


Чай из 60-летних чайных деревьев. Очень устойчивый. Высокая сладость.

Старые чайные деревья в основном метаболизируются с помощью углеродистых соединений. Листья старых деревьев с более высоким содержанием углеродистых соединений содержат больше сахара и полифенолов. Заварка чая из старого дерева плотная, гладкая, сладкая и густая.


Среднее окисление


Сильный и богатый


Цветочный аромат


С древних времен в туманных высоких горах производят качественный чай.

Этот чай выращивают высоко в горах. В высоких горах более пышная растительность, в почвах повышено содержание органических веществ, а резкая разница дневных и ночных температур способствует накоплению чайных веществ в листьях.

Заваривайте правильно. Почувствуйте настоящий вкус китайского чая.


Мы настаиваем на использовании экологически чистой упаковки.

iTeaworld всегда выступал за экологичность и экологичность. Для упаковки мы используем бумагу, сертифицированную Лесным попечительским советом (FSC), и чернила на основе сои.


Customer Reviews

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Five stars

have the honor and I am fascinated with the teas of @iteaworld all their varieties are great! I am a big fan of oolong tea, its creaminess, its balanced flavor, excellent aroma and color, it is perfect for the palate, I really recommend the teas of iTeaworld their staff is highly qualified in the knowledge of the tea culture, they are friendly and will help you with all your doubts

5 Stars

I have the honor and I am fascinated with the teas of @iteaworld all their varieties are great! I am a big fan of oolong tea, its creaminess, its balanced flavor, excellent aroma and color, it is perfect for the palate, I am

Floral and charcoal

My first thought was of some type of paste with a floral back tone. The leaves are a dusty, dark chocolate. The initial aroma coming off the leaves was fruity now it’s a bit more charcoal. The liquor is a beautiful amber color. Liquor aroma is choral, mineral, and slightly floral. The flavor is a smattering of charcoal notes, a bit of baked bread, and floral notes. The floral notes are a bit tropical with hints of jasmine but strong in gardenia. The minerality plays well with the charcoal. An interesting balancing act on the palate.

Erika Niko
Roasted goodness

I managed to get 9 good infusion out of it this oolong, which was great. I love when I can reuse the same leaves over and over again. The taste was pretty stable the whole time with no big changes - roasted with light floral sweetness and even though it's not the most complex oolong I ever had, I still enjoyed it very much.

Solid Daily Drinking Tea

I received the 4 sample set from iTeaworld yesterday, and I must say, their packaging is really nice - easy to handle and eco-friendly. The larger box it came in adds to the overall aesthetics and presentation of their product.

Appearance: The tightly rolled Minnan Narcissus Oolong leaves boast a captivating deep green color with subtle hints of brown, reflecting the result of skillful roasting.

Flavor: The first sip exhibited a delicately light charcoal roast flavor, complemented by persistent floral notes that lasted well into the finish. The nuanced roasty undertone was quite pleasant in later sips, harmonizing with the floral essence and adding to the delightful complexity in the cup.

Mouthfeel: The tea's texture struck a perfect balance, offering a pleasing viscosity that felt both comforting and delicate on the palate.

Aftertaste: The floral and roasty notes interplay, leaving a pleasant lingering flavor on the palate. I found myself eager to get to the next infusion to see what this tea had to offer.

Overall, I feel this offering from iTeaworld is a solid daily drinker, and the price point makes it accessible to many tea enthusiasts who enjoy a nice cuppa

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