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How to Brew a Perfect Cup of Tea- A Comprehensive Guide

How to Brew a Perfect Cup of Tea- A Comprehensive Guide

Everyone loves to enjoy a perfect cup of tea. Brewing a cup of tea seems to be easy which starts from water and tea leaves, but it's quite tricky. The convenience of tea bags can be completely understood, but tea with loose leaves comes with a flavorful beverage.

Many people prefer to brew a flavorful cup of tea for a traditional afternoon tea experience. It offers an amazing sense of flavor as the tea leaves begin to infuse with warm water producing an invigorating cup of tea. In terms of quality, iTeaworld ensures that all tea leaves are plucked by hand ensuring careful pinching of buds and tender stems. The brewed tea with this loose-leaf tea yields a perfect cup with a symphony of flavor.

Tips for Brewing Tea

Brewing tea is more complex than it is thought, it involves experiences and some tricks which make it a flavorful tea. It involves some steps which result in healthy and invigorating beverages.

brew loose leaf tea gaiwan method

Start with Fresh Water

Water is the base of every beverage and water quality plays an integral role in the taste and flavor of tea. It is suggested to use fresh spring water for tea, as distilled and re-boiled water can change the taste and flavor of tea.

Measure of Tea

Tea quantity plays an essential role in the taste and flavor and varies depending on the type of tea. For herbal teas, a heaping teaspoon is suggested to 6 oz of water while for true teas including green, black, and loose leaf oolong tea, a flat teaspoon is considered sufficient to extract flavor.



Adjust Water Temperature

tea wather

Water temperature is critical after the selection of tea as different teas are brewed at different temperatures. Even the best loose leaf tea can result in a strong and bitter taste when brewed at high water temperatures, and at low temperatures, the leaves do not infuse properly.

Green Tea

Green tea is prepared at a water temperature of 167-185 F, as increased water temperature yields a strong and bitter flavor. Loose leaf green tea is allowed to steep for 1-3 minutes to enjoy the perfect cup of green tea.

Black Tea

Black tea is brewed at a water temperature of 195-212 F for 3-5 minutes and the resultant tea yields a strong and malty taste. A perfectly brewed cup of loose leaf black tea offers a full-bodied flavor that coffee lovers admire.

Oolong Tea

The suggested water temperature for loose-leaf oolong tea is 185-200 F with a steeping time of 3-5 minutes. However, the water temperature and steeping time can be changed depending on the individual preferences.

Herbal Teas

Herbal teas, also known as tisanes are steeped at water temperature of 212 F with steeping time ranges from 3-7 minutes.  Water temperature for a blend of different teas varies depending on the type of ingredients.

Brewing Instructions

Hot brew

hot brew

Nothing is more relaxing than a warm cup od tea in the cold winter. It is easy to prepare a refreshing cup of tea with hot brewing.

Take a teapot or mug and pour hot water in the teapot. Swirl the hot water in the teapot or mug which will help obtain the required temperature of water in the teapot. Place a tea infuser full of loose-leaf tea inside the teapot and pour hot water over the tea leaves.

Allow it to steep for the required time, take out the tea infuser, and serve hot.

Cold Brew

Cold brewing is considered to be the simplest way of brewing tea. One can experience a whole new range of flavors and a reduced likelihood of spoiling tea while cold brewing. Green tea, black, and oolong are considered ideal for cold brew tea. Pu-erh tea, on the other hand, is not best suited for this type of brewing as leaves take a long time to open up and result in weak infusion.

A 1-1.5-liter glass pitcher or a teapot are good options for cold brewing teas.

Add one heaping spoonful or two spoonfuls of tea leaves in the teapot.

Fill it with lukewarm or room-temperature water.

Cover it with a lid to protect the infusion from refrigerator smells.

Let it steep for at least 3-4 hours, and give more time for herbal and oolong tea to brew.

After brewing, you can add honey or lemon and serve with ice.

Cold-brewed tea should be drunk within a day. Cold brewing results in less nutrition and flavor and allows you to let the leaves in a teapot until you have finished it. This loose-leaf tea can be used again for brewing 2nd time; however, it results in mild brew.

cold brew tea

Iced Tea

Iced tea is brewed differently than cold brew because iced brew tea is stronger than cold brew tea which results in a gentler and delicate flavor. For iced tea, tea is prepared by using the hot brewing method and iced is poured over it.

The selection of tea leaves is also an important factor for brewing a perfect cup of tea. There is a list of different types of teas and one needs to choose according to his taste. iteaworld offers a unique premium-quality tea sampler making it an ideal option for everyone who loves to try something new and amazing.

iTeaworld provides a rich source of Chinese tea and helps discover one’s favorite tea. It’s an ideal option for beginners and tea lovers whether they love refreshing green tea or smooth oolong tea.


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