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Taste 6 fresh premium green teas at a time. Longjing, Biluochun, Huangshan Maofeng, Enshi Jade Dew, 7 times Jasmine Green Tea, and Old Tree Green Tea. Buy Now and Get 10% Off

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I had the honor of trying the Classic Collection of teas. Trust me you are going to want to try them. If, you don't like classic teas they have many other wonderful choices. Whatever you choose, you should choose because these teas are delightful.I only wish we could have shared a cup of tea together.

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Wonderful selection of teas for those seeking the real deal. Buying classic tea has never been more convenient!


Tea you'll enjoy drinking, smartly packaged, largely without plastics, in just the amount needed for an average session

Semein Washington

iTeaworld enables consumers to savor the essence of these Chinese teas in one sitting and experience a comprehensive and enjoyable tea tasting journey.



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Protecting Centuries-Old Trees, We Are On Our Way

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Our boundless love for tea is something we're eager to share. Here at iTeaworld, our mission is clear-cut: to bring you exceptional loose leaf teas and enrich your knowledge of Chinese tea culture. Each leaf we offer carries the legacy of tradition, culture, and sustainability. Dive into the flavors of China with us, one cup of loose leaf tea at a time.

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We Promise Provide 100% Natural Loose Leaf Tea Without Any Extra Additions. No Sugar, No Gluten.

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