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Chinese Jasmine Tea: Bringing You a New Aromatic Experience this Spring

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Jasmine tea, renowned for its delicate floral aroma and captivating flavors, holds a special place in the hearts of tea enthusiasts worldwide. We invite you to embark on a sensory journey with our Jasmine Tea Sampler.

From the subtle nuances of 3-scented tea to the indulgent richness of 9-scented tea, our sampler allows you to savor the essence of Chinese spring and develop a deeper appreciation for the world of Jasmine tea.

Unveiling the Essence of Chinese Jasmine Tea

Jasmine tea has a long-standing tradition in Chinese culture, with its origins dating back centuries. Crafted through the meticulous process of "scenting," where tea leaves are infused with jasmine essence, this tea captures the delicate fragrance and flavors of the jasmine flower.

Jasmine green teas


The higher the scenting level, the more time-consuming the crafting process, resulting in a premium-quality tea.

What you may want to know about jasmine tea?

What does jasmine tea taste like?

When brewed, jasmine tea unveils a harmonious combination of floral and vegetal notes. The taste is often described as smooth, mellow, and subtly sweet, with a lingering aftertaste.

The taste of jasmine tea can also be influenced by factors such as the brewing time, water temperature, and the specific variety of jasmine tea chosen. Some jasmine teas may have subtle hints of fruitiness or a light, honey-like sweetness.

How long to steep jasmine tea?

The steeping time for jasmine tea can vary depending on personal preference and the specific type of jasmine tea you are using. Jasmine tea is typically brewed using water that is around 175°F (80°C). The recommended steeping time for jasmine tea is usually between 2 to 3 minutes. If you prefer a stronger flavor, you can steep the tea for a slightly longer duration, but be cautious not to exceed 4 minutes to avoid bitterness.

How much caffeine in jasmine tea?

A cup of jasmine tea brewed from green tea leaves contains about 20-30 milligrams of caffeine per 8-ounce (240 ml) serving. In general, jasmine tea tends to have a lower caffeine content compared to other types of tea such as black tea . If you are particularly sensitive to caffeine or prefer to limit your intake, you may opt for a shorter steeping time or choose a lower-caffeine variety of chinese tea for your jasmine tea.

What is China jasmine tea good for?

The all-powerful antioxidants in jasmine tea can help support your immune system by fighting bacteria and infections. As well as this, the tea has anti-inflammatory properties, so it can help reduce pain and prevent general damage to your body.

What are the types of jasmine tea?

There are many types of tea sets, including jasmine Biluochun, jasmine Maojian, jasmine Zhenwang, Jasmine White Tea, jasmine black tea and jasmine oolong tea.

How do you use Chinese jasmine tea?

Chinese jasmine tea can be used in many ways. The most traditional and popular method is to brew Chinese jasmine tea with hot water. In the summer, you can also enjoy refreshing cold brew jasmine tea by steeping the tea leaves in cold water.

Chinese Jasmine Teas

Jasmine tea can be used as an ingredient in cooking and baking, it can be added to desserts, sauces, marinades, and even used as a flavoring for rice.

Is it OK to drink jasmine tea everyday?

Yes, you can drink jasmine tea every day. You can drink about 2-3 cups of jasmine tea daily to reap the health benefits and boost metabolism.

Get Unique Jasmine Tea Sampler Experience

Our Jasmine Tea Sampler includes four distinct varieties of jasmine tea, each offering a unique sensory experience.

Chinese Jasmine Tea Sampler


Jasmine Bi Luo Chun (3-Scent)

Delight in the subtle and refreshing flavors of Jasmine Bi Luo Chun, a fusion of tender leaves and jasmine essence. Crafted through a meticulous 3-scenting process, this tea captures the essence of spring and offers a mellow taste with a moderate intensity of jasmine fragrance.

Jasmine Mao Jian (5-Scent)

Experience the harmonious balance of Jasmine Mao Jian, where fine leaves intertwine with jasmine essence in a nuanced cup. Perfected through a careful 5-scenting process, this tea offers a sweet and mellow flavor with a refreshing hint of aftertaste and a pronounced jasmine aroma.

Jasmine Zhen Wang (7-Scent)

Indulge in the regal sophistication of Jasmine Zhen Wang, a blend of royal leaves and jasmine essence. Achieved through a perfected 7-scenting process, this tea delivers a fresh, smooth taste with an evident aftertaste and a rich jasmine fragrance.

Jasmine Bai Hao (9-Scent)

Immerse yourself in the pinnacle of craftsmanship with Jasmine Bai Hao, combining intense jasmine fragrance with Bai Hao leaves in an exceptional 9-scenting process. This tea boasts a crisp and robust flavor, a strong and lingering aftertaste, and a distinct 'rock sugar sweetness' in its rich and lasting jasmine aroma.

Tea Bags Included

To ensure your tea moments are worry-free, our Tea Sampler includes 20 complimentary biodegradable tea bags. These corn starch tea bags make brewing effortless and convenient, eliminating the need for a separate filter. Whether you're at home, in the office, or on the go, you can savor your favorite jasmine tea anywhere with ease.

Brewing Techniques and Versatility

Jasmine tea offers versatility in brewing styles, allowing you to unlock its full flavor potential. The Kung Fu Tea Brewing Method, the Cold Brewing Method, and the Tea Bag Brewing Method all provide unique ways to enjoy the nuanced taste and aroma of jasmine tea. From traditional brewing techniques to modern cold brews, you can tailor your tea experience to your preferences.

Sustainable and Eco-Friendly Commitment

At iteaworld, we are committed to sustainable development and eco-friendly practices. With our packaging made from FSC-certified paper and soy ink, we prioritize the protection of nature, one sip at a time.

White Jasmine Tea

(White Jasmine Tea)

By choosing iteaworld Tea Sampler, you not only indulge in exquisite tea but also contribute to a greener future.

Enjoy jasmine tea this spring

Jasmine flower tea captivates with its enchanting floral aroma and delicate flavor, making it a beloved choice among tea enthusiasts. This aromatic infusion combines the antioxidant-rich properties of tea with the calming and soothing effects of jasmine flowers. Chinese Jasmine Tea brings you a new tea tasting experience in spring.

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