Da Hong Pao Oolong Tea (Big Red Robe)

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Wuyi Mountain, Fujian,China



Tea Garden Altitude:

About 400m


Dahongpao Oolong Tea

The Oldest Oolong Tea

From Core Producing Area of Dahongpao. More Authentic

The Unique Yan flavor

Dahongpao is a representative of Wuyi “Yan” tea, also known as Wuyi rock tea. Dahongpao tea trees grow in rock crevices, therefore Dahongpao has an notable “Yan” flavor.

The Number One Scholar Tea with A History over 700 Years

Legend has it that during the Ming Dynasty, a scholar fell ill while passing through Wuyi Mountain. Monks offered him tea leaves, which miraculously cured him. Grateful, the scholar circled the tea bushes, shedding his red robe. These trees were then named "Big Red Robe."


Slowly Roasted under gentle heat. Sweet Aroma with Light Smoky Scent

Quality teas are roasted under gentle heat. For more details, please refer to our blog article.

High Oxidation

Mellow And Thick

Fruity Aroma

Enjoy Dahongpao Tea

Experience the unforgettable floral aroma and distinctive flavor of Dahongpao Oolong Tea, a true Wuyi Rock Tea. Savor the Zen flavor of rock tea by drinking it Kung Fu style.

Brew It Correctly.Experience the Authentic Taste of Chinese Tea.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Charcoal Tea

Classic Dahongpao aroma. Yum, yum, yum. A slightly drying sensation filled in with fruit and mineral notes. A touch of tropical florals as well. The leaf is a dark chocolate color, lightly twisted, and slightly dusty looking. On the initial bit of water hitting the leaves an aroma of lychee came first and then charcoal. Now roasty/toasty notes. The first infusion leans more toward the roast notes. And no I'm not talking about chicken or beef. The flavor continues to remain dominantly on the charcoal side. Which I find somewhat surprising because of the amount of other notes in the dry aroma, however, it's still quite enjoyable.

Great Dahongpao

Very strong smell full of fragrance. Intensive flavor. I can taste woody notes in combination with sweetnes and fruity notes. Very well rosted. Irecomend to try.

Erika Niko

This dark oolong reminded me a lot of black tea. Roasted and lightly woody, smokey aroma. The taste reminded me of stone fruits like cherries and apricots, it's also lightly sweet and bitter at the same time, which was an interesting experience. The 3rd and 4th infusions were my favourite because of the velvety mouth feel. After the 4th infusion the taste changed slightly becoming more mineral.
It was my first time trying Da Hong Pao and I utterly enjoyed it.

Sophia Thompson
Great tea

I've been exploring various Dahongpao Oolongs, and this one stands out. The roast is skillfully balanced, allowing the pronounced spice notes to shine through, accompanied by a delightful caramel sweetness. A truly satisfying tea tasting experience.

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