Famous Chinese Tea

Tasting Bi Luo Chun: China's Famous Green Tea

Tasting Bi Luo Chun: China's Famous Green Tea

Biluochun is a classic green tea with a rich history. The name "Biluochun" can also be translated as "Green Snail Spring," which gives you a hint of its characteristics. Biluochun has always been known for its tender, emerald leaves, a soft and uniform leaf base, a clear and elegant aroma, and a fresh, sweet, and refreshing taste that delights everyone. Sipping a cup of Biluochun is like savoring the gentle scenery of Jiangnan.


Biluochun's "One Tender, Three Fresh" Quality


Biluochun is renowned for its tenderness and freshness, often referred to as the "One Tender, Three Fresh" tea.

"One tender" refers to the exceptionally tender young leaves of Biluochun, with over 50,000 to 60,000 tender buds in every 500 grams of Biluochun tea. It has large buds and small leaves, with buds that haven't fully opened yet. The abundance of tender buds is a characteristic of many high-quality loose leaf green tea, which generally prioritize freshness and tenderness. Other types of teas, such as loose leaf black tea, loose leaf oolong tea, loose leaf yellow tea, and loose leaf dark tea, may not necessarily aim for numerous tender buds.

"Three fresh" refers to Biluochun's vibrant color, strong and fresh aroma, and a fresh and mellow taste.

"Color fresh" means that Biluochun tea not only has a shiny silver-green appearance but also has a bright and clear green tea soup, with tender and bright leaf bottoms.

"Aroma fresh" refers to the tea's fragrance, which carries a rich floral scent within the clear tea aroma, captivating and enchanting those who savor it.

"Taste fresh and mellow" describes the refreshing taste of Biluochun, which also has a sweet fruitiness that keeps you coming back for more, leaving a lingering aftertaste.


Biluochun's Unique Natural Tea Fragrance and Fruitiness


The reason why Biluochun is so beloved by the public and considered one of the best loose leaf teas is primarily determined by its growing environment, processing techniques, and flavor characteristics. The unique growing environment of Biluochun, especially, imparts a distinctive natural tea fragrance and fruity taste to this tea.

The climate and soil in the Dongting Mountains of Jiangsu's Taihu Lake are not only suitable for tea tree growth, but what's even more unique is that tea trees in the Dongting Mountains coexist with fruit trees. The Dongting Biluochun production area is a renowned region in China where tea and fruit trees are intercropped. Tea trees are grown alongside fruit trees such as peaches, plums, apricots, plums, persimmons, oranges, pomegranates, and chestnuts. Rows of lush tea bushes resemble green screens, and the dense shade of fruit trees forms a canopy that shields from frost and snow, while basking in the autumn sun. Tea trees and fruit trees are interconnected through their branches and roots, with tea absorbing the fragrance of the fruits, and the flowers infusing tea with their flavors, nurturing the natural qualities of Biluochun tea with the scents of flowers and fruits.

As stated in the "Tea Explanation" from the Ming Dynasty, "Tea gardens should not be mixed with inferior trees, only planting with varieties such as osmanthus, plum, magnolia, rose, fir, and green bamboo is sufficient to shield from frost and snow and bask in the autumn sun." The intercropping of tea trees and fruit trees gives Biluochun tea a unique natural tea fragrance and fruity taste, with excellent quality. Its finished tea leaves are tightly rolled, slender, with a hidden emerald hue. It exudes a clear and elegant aroma, refreshing and thirst-quenching, with a clear and green liquor color, and the tea leaves unfurl evenly. After consumption, there is a lingering sweetness on the palate.


"Furry Body, Copper Wire Stripes, Bee Legs."


The appearance of Biluochun tea is also unique, with dried tea leaves curving in interesting arcs and covered in a layer of fine fuzz. Tea farmers describe the appearance of Biluochun as " Furry body, copper wire stripes, bee legs."

"Furry body" refers to the presence of white hairs that densely cover the finished tea leaves, with the quality of Biluochun being determined by the density of these fine hairs.

"Copper wire strips" means that the tea strips are fine, tight, and heavy, and they quickly sink when brewed, rather than floating on the water's surface.

"Bee legs" refers to the resemblance of Biluochun tea to the legs of a bee, which is an important feature for distinguishing genuine from fake Biluochun and evaluating processing quality.


How to appreciate Biluochun


When brewing Biluochun, it's best to use pure water or spring water. Because the tea buds and leaves are extremely tender, the water temperature should not be too high, ideally between 80-85°C.

For brewing equipment, you can choose a transparent glass cup to fully appreciate the unfolding and sinking of Biluochun in the cup and experience the beauty of loose leaf green tea.

Gently submerge Biluochun tea in water, and the tea leaves will immediately sink, earning the nickname "Spring Dyeing the Seabed." The tea leaves carry tiny water droplets on their surface, and after about two minutes, almost all of them have gracefully settled at the bottom of the cup, leaving only a few tea leaves floating on the surface. The majority descend slowly, unfurling at the bottom of the cup, displaying a light emerald and fresh appearance with a delicate and elegant fragrance.


To savor the exquisite flavors of Biluochun tea, selecting a high-quality Biluochun is of paramount importance. iTeaworld offers a selection of green teas, including a Biluochun sourced from the core production area on the western slopes of Dongting Lake. It belongs to the group of mass-produced tea leaves and boasts excellent quality. Apart from this Biluochun, iTeaworld's Green Tea Sampler also includes five other high-quality Chinese classic green teas that are well worth trying. With just this box of tea, you can gain a good understanding of Chinese green teas.

Biluochun, true to its name, is a tea with a light green color, a clear and elegant aroma, and a refreshing, sweet taste. When brewed, the tea flavor gradually unfolds, moving up and down, with the tea liquor shining like silver and emerald. It offers a fragrant and refreshing taste, making it suitable for enjoying at home, during work, or when gathering with friends.

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