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Thanks to u/iteaworld from for providing this very generous oolong tea sample selection. I have no affiliation with this vendor, these are my own subjective tasting notes. I appreciated the opportunity to taste these samples and see what they have to offer. These are all very nice teas and I enjoyed the opportunity to taste them.


Lapsang Souchong

This is an unsmoked version of Lapsang Souchong. Long twisted whole dry leaves that are dark brown with reddish and golden highlights. Rich aroma of roses, honey, malted grain, and dark dried fruits. Deep amber colored liquor with peachy tones. Medium bodied with rich flavors of forest honey, cacao nibs, toasted wheat bread, dried dates and cranberries, melon, and a slight hint of grapefruit. Long lingering finish, no bitterness, very light pleasant tannin. Rehydrated leaves are long whole young leaves showing a mix of deep browns with tones of red and forest green.

Wild Souchong

Wild Souchong: This is a smoked version of Lapsang Souchong. Long twisted whole and partially broken dry leaves that are dark brown with hints of green. Aromas of bing cherry syrup, malted barley, peat, and pinewood campfire. Smoke aroma is prominent but not overpowering. Golden amber colored liquor. Rich flavors of malted barley, ripe stone fruit, leather, and very well integrated wood smoke that compliments and elevates the other flavor notes. Soft and sweet with no bitterness and very light pleasant tannin. Rehydrated leaves are milk chocolate in color with flecks of forest green.

Yingde Black

Yingde Black: Very long, plump, twisted whole dry leaves that are dark brown with flecks of gold. Aromas of sweet wild flowers, dark dried plum and date, cocoa nibs, and antique woods. Bright red amber colored liquor. Substantial body, deep flavors of roasted yam, cocoa nibs, dark honey, and aromatic woods. Very rich but very smooth and mellow with a long finish. No bitterness, very light pleasant astringency. Easy drinking and satisfying. Rehydrated leaves are large and whole with a uniform deep red-brown cocoa color.

Yunnan Black

Yunnan Black: Long, thin, twisted whole dry leaves that are dark brown with many golden tips. Aromas of rose, cacao nibs, roasted yam, maple syrup, and raisins. Orange amber colored liquor. Medium bodied, with flavors of rose, cacao powder, roasted yam, coriander seed, yellow peach, and dried orange peel. No bitterness, very minimal astringency. Complex balance of high aromas and deep flavors, engaging and satisfying. Rehydrated leaves are whole to slightly broken fine young pickings, with a uniform medium orange brown color.

Tie Guanyin Oolong

Tie Guanyin: Small, uniform, loosely rolled nuggets, a mix of dark forrest green and lighter lime green colored dry leaf. Sweet aromas of orchid, jasmine, cotton candy, fresh sea air, and toasted nuts. Pale bright yellow-green colored liquor. Creamy body, with fresh flavors of orchid, jasmine, butter, honeydew melon, coconut, apple, cucumber and a hint of seaweed. Soft, smooth, perfumed, and refreshing, but complex with a long sweet finish. No bitterness, only the slightest hint of pleasant grape skin astringency. Rehydrated leaves are fairy uniform, medium sized, olive green with very slight reddening at the edged.


Dahongpao Oolong

Dahongpao: Large twisted dark brown dry leaf with reddish highlights. Aromas of sweet fruit woods, pipe tobacco, charcoal, and brown sugar. Translucent orange-amber colored liquor. Medium bodied, soft and rounded on the palate, with flavors of mild charcoal roast, juicy stone fruit, dried cranberry, leather, and aromatic woods. Very well balanced and characterful with skilled roasting. Not overly roasted or with too much charcoal aroma like many “da hong pao” teas I’ve experienced. No sharpness or bitterness. Long lingering finish with floral sweetness, mild astringency, and pleasant minerality. Rehydrated leaves are uniform, medium sized, twisted, whole to slightly broken, and dark brown.


Fenghuang Dancong Old Tree Oolong (Mi Lan Xiang Honey Orchid)

Fenghuang Dancong: Long thin twisted whole dark brown dry leaf. Penetrating aromas of antique woods, white flowers, honey, and light charcoal. Dusty-rose colored liquor. Medium bodied, with complex flavors of sandalwood, orange blossom honey, lychee, cotton candy, and bourbon cask. Long sweet vanilla candy and cake frosting finish with light wet rock minerality. Excellent balance, no bitterness, light pleasant lychee seed astringency. Rehydrated leaves are uniform, long, twisted, whole, red-brown to dark forest green.


Minnan Narcissus Oolong

Minnan Narcissus: Thin twisted dark brown whole and partially broken dry leaf. Intense aromas of grilled stone fruits, heady flowers, and mild charcoal. Ripe peach colored liquor. Rich body with intense mouth filling and evolving flavor. Impactful and vaporous on the palate. Arrives with bold aged oak, juicy stone fruits, and a mild and fleeting bitterness on the sides of the tongue that compliments and enhances the complexity. Develops into softer sweet floral and honey notes with an engaging slate-like minerality. Rehydrated leaves are twisted, whole and partially broken, dark brown to dark forest green.


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