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Oolong Tea Benefits | Do You Really Know About Oolong tea?


Oolong tea is a unique type of organic tea in China, and is highly sought after for its unique taste and health benefits.

Oolong tea offers the advantages of both green tea and black tea, with the mellowness of black tea but stronger astringency than black tea, and the freshness of green tea but without the astringency of green tea.

Read on to discover the benefits of drinking oolong tea!


Benefits of Oolong Tea

Oolong tea contains a variety of nutrients, including tea polyphenols, plant alkaloids, proteins, amino acids, vitamins, pectin, organic acids, lipopolysaccharides, sugars, enzymes, pigments, etc. Regular consumption of oolong tea has specific benefits for the human body.


Facilitate Weight Loss

If you want to lose weight, try drinking Loose Leaf Oolong Tea. Oolong tea has the effect of dissolving fat. Because the main component in tea - tannic acid, has a close relationship with fat metabolism. Oolong tea can lower blood cholesterol levels. Compared with black tea and green tea, oolong tea can not only stimulate the activity of pancreatic lipolytic enzymes, reduce the absorption of sugar and fatty food, but also accelerate the increase of body heat, promote fat burning, and reduce the accumulation of abdominal fat.

Refreshing and Relaxing

If you are tired of drinking coffee, drinking oolong tea is also a good choice for energy in the morning. The caffeine in oolong tea can promote the excitement of the central nervous system, can enhance the excitement process of the cerebral cortex, and then play a refreshing role in eliminating fatigue.

Antibacterial and Anti-inflammatory

Oolong tea contains a large amount of tea polyphenols, which can effectively inhibit the reproduction of pathogenic bacteria and viruses, and have antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effects.

Protect Teeth

The effect you can't think of is that oolong tea can also protect teeth! Oolong tea has a high fluorine content, of which 10 mg to 15 mg per 100 grams of dry tea, a large part of which is water-soluble. Drinking oolong tea can increase the intake of fluorine, so as to achieve the best tooth protection.

Recommended Oolong Tea

iTeaworld offers a wide range of oolong teas of good quality at the right price.
For example, Tie Guanyin, Minnan Narcissus, Dahongpao, and Fenghuang Dancong.
These are all well-known Chinese Oolong teas.
In addition to this, iTeaworld also offers an Oolong Tea Sampler.
It contains the four teas mentioned above. You can experience them all at once!


Tieguanyin--This is an oolong tea famous for its light flavor. The tea leaves are curly
When you take the first sip you will feel a light creamy texture. There is no astringency at all and the taste is smooth and fresh
Great for those who are trying oolong tea for the first time

Minnan Narcissus

Minnan Shuixian--This is one of iTeaworld's highly acclaimed teas. The floral natural sweetness is perfectly balanced and the rich roasted flavor excites the taste buds. This is a perfect morning cup of tea!

Fenghuang Dancong

Every tea lover will be satisfied with Fenghuang Dancong. There are no bad reviews!
Very strong peach flavor hits the nose. The taste is delicate and smooth with a sweet flavor
This is a great milanxiang Fenghuang Dancong!


Dahongpao is a very well known oolong tea from China. It has a dense, creamy texture and a sweet, mineral taste that will give you a rocky tea experience

The above four oolong loose leaf teas are all selected by iTeaworld, synthesizing the taste evaluations and tea quality judgments from several 20+ years old tea lovers. Perfect for tea lovers who want to savor a variety of Chinese Oolong teas at once. If you are interested in Oolong tea, why don't you try them out and experience the special taste of Oolong tea and its efficacy together!

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